09:09 GMT +328 March 2017
    My sister found her cat that has been lost since June 2015

    Never Give Up: Lost Cat Reunited With Owner After Nearly Two Years (VIDEO)

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    This is the kind of story that might make you shed a tear or at least believe in Christmas miracles.

    Iris Samaniego, from Murrieta, California, US, was the happy owner of the a called Diego for 12 years, when suddenly it decided to sneak away from its home in June 2015. Almost two years were spent in vain looking for the lost kitty and it was naturally presumed dead.

    "I seriously thought he was gone and maybe even got eaten by a coyote," Iris's sister Crystal Sanmann wrote in her Facebook. It seems like everyone gave up except Iris. Some inner senses told her to check one of the rescue shelters' website, and when she looked she could see a familiar face. That was her Diego!

    A video of an emotional reunion published on December 9 went viral and gained four millions of views.

    "Never give up on finding your animals. This is the best Christmas present she could have received," Crystal said in her Facebook post.


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    • choticastile
      Beautiful cat... Wonderful that he returned -- yes, what's meant to be, is meant to be...

      A cat in our family disappeared for two years, but one day casually waltzed into our family restaurant again-- jumped on my mother's lap purring furiously...

      Month's later a traveller who always stopped over for lunch at our restaurant, could not believe it when he saw the cat peacefully curled up on a window seat in the winter sun.... He confessed that he had stolen the cat, but the cat had soon disappeared.... His house was over 450 kms away -- yet the cat had found his way back Must have traversed nearly 19 kms per day.... to again be reunited with his beloved mistress.
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      He's in good shape. He's thinking, "Get a grip, woman."
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