01:48 GMT12 April 2021
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    Sex as we used to know it could soon be replaced with robots, German Spiegel Online wrote, referring to several experts. According to British researcher Ian Pearson, this reality could already happen by 2050.

    In his report, the expert described a future in which brothels and strip clubs with robots will be an absolutely normal part of life. The machines will be able to tirelessly fulfill all desires of their customers.

    Manufacturers are mulling creating a robot, similar to a human, that allows its sex partner to do everything he or she wants.

    At the same time, similarities between robots and humans could pose a serious problem. What would happen if the difference between a normal sexual partner and a machine will be blurred?

    Is it good, if, for example, that aggressive people will pour out their anger on sex dolls? Will it pose a threat to humans? Will pedophiles need child sex robots to fulfill their desires?

    German expert Catrin Misselhorn fears that the expression of certain fantasies with robots can lead to a situation where such activities would be transferred into reality.

    German Spiegel Online magazine quoted the expert as saying that a person who has contact with a sex robot "will imagine a real human being" whom this person wants to abuse or molest.

    At the same time, expert Undine de Riviere believes that robots won't be able to replace human beings, as they lack emotions that are essential for a person. Often people come to a brothel not only to receive a physical contact, but also some sort of intimacy.

    "It is important for customers to be accepted with their own, sometimes unusual sexuality," the expert said, adding that sometimes a person just needs a hug and warm emotions, which a robot is unable to offer.

    On the other hand, some researchers believe that brothels with sex robots will be able to offer customers a safer and cheaper way to express their sexual fantasies. Moreover, a sexual contact with a robot is less likely to cause sexually transmitted diseases if a person follows certain hygiene recommendations.


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