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    Police officers are pictured ahead of the Euro 2016 play-off football match between Sweden and Denmark at the Friends arena in Solna on November 14, 2015

    Multicultural Cops Take to the Mean Streets of Sweden

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    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe (109)

    Sweden's police force, which has been plagued by understaffing, underpayment and low crime detection, is making efforts to become more "diverse" in order to cater to Sweden's increasingly diverse population. Authorities are hoping immigrants will give the police more "street cred."

    According to new police guidelines, immigrants will comprise a greater proportion of future police officers. The project World Integrated into Swedish Police (abbreviated to VISP) aims to increase the so-called diversity at all levels.

    "We need a lot more diversity in the police, applying to everything from ethnicity to different experiences and backgrounds," Carin Götblad, who leads the VISP project, said in a press release.

    Through hiring more ethnic minorities, Swedish police hope to find a common language with dozens of "no-go zones" in Swedish cities, which are in effect a euphemism for burgeoning ethnic ghettoes, marked by unemployment and crime. Police, rescue services and ambulances are reluctant to visit these "exclusion areas" (which is another term for tidying up the grim reality), where they are habitually met with stones and Molotov cocktails.

    "The police are there for everyone. In order to be able to meet all members in society, we must understand different cultures. Therefore, we need more police employees with a foreign background," project manager Kia Samrell explained.

    Refugees sleep outside the entrance of the Swedish Migration Agency's arrival center for asylum seekers at Jagersro in Malmo, Sweden, early November 20, 2015
    The police press release cited Rojin Khalili, who recently joined the police force, as a positive example, admitting that she had only been able to land the job because she is an immigrant. Her parents fled Iran when she was still in her mother's womb. Khaili was born in Belgium and came to Sweden as a two-year-old.

    "I only have a high school education, and no work experience in either the police or any other authority. If I can handle a job in the police, others can too," Rojin Khalili said, citing her skills in Kurdish, Persian and Dari.

    In the press release, the troubled Stockholm suburb of Södertälje was highlighted as a positive example working to increase diversity in the police. Today, 6 percent of police officers have an immigrant background. This is well below the nationwide percentage of people of immigrant descent, which totals 17 percent.

    Meanwhile, the harrowing crisis in the Swedish police force continues, despite the allocation of billions of extra kroner. Thousands of reported crimes continue to accumulate, including hundreds of rapes, murders and attempted murders. The number of crimes reported in Sweden continued to increase this year, while more preliminary investigations are being stopped in a short space of time. During the first half of 2016, 764,000 crimes were reported, which is an increase of 2 percent compared to the same period of 2015. At present, Swedish police have a crime detection rate of 14 percent, which is the lowest in 16 years.

    In November, police in the Swedish region of Skåne admitted that it ran out of homicide detectives and requested help from Stockholm and Gothenburg. Additionally, this summer Sweden experienced an unparalleled wave of sexual harassment at summer festivals, as well as a spate of vehicular arsons.

    Whereas Swedish authorities vehemently deny any link between immigration and crime, both left-wing and right-wing parties agreed in autumn that last year's migrant crisis had sped up Swedish police's problems. Subsequently, both Interior Minister Anders Ygeman and Police Chief Dan Eliasson came under fire for failing to undertake timely measures.

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe (109)


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    • sapper
      Sounds more and more like a secret strategy to Islamise Europe. Who in their right mind would want a bunch of head/hand choppers to be in government over them. ISIS did not do the Islamic religion any favours. All designed to started wars of religion between christians and moslems!!!
    • avatar
      yesterday I spoke with an old teacher who had been here in Sweden for 40y
      he did his high-school in Lebanon and when he came in Sweden in 3 month he was able to speak and write Swedish (he was already fluent in French & English & Arabic - reading, writing, speaking)
      he went to the Univ in Stck and he became a teacher
      nowadays he simply cannot understand Sweden's policy in ''adopting'' all kinds of criminals who come here only-and-only to continue their life of parazitism and criminality
      he offered his services to other Arabs in his neighbourhood to help for FREE their youngsters to learn Swedish and to integrate
      the old generation / the parents are willing to do something useful in their lives - but their offsprings want only money, cars, luxury - and they want it NOW - without any work or learning (steal and / or kill)
    • Mikhas
      Whatever works in Sweden can soon enough be implemented in continental Europe. That´s the plan. Swedes dont complain much and those who do complain about having million and a half "refugees" and immigrants from the most primitive and backwards muslim societies on earth, will easily be dismissed as "racist" and "phobes", in which case they move or become radicalised so that these quota "cops" from Somalia can harass them.

      More than 1 and a half million Muslims on lifelong welfare, Swedish white working class and the new urban norm, "Sexuals" and sodomites of all kinds and the rich dont mix well, especially since this politic in its most aggressive phase has just been going on for some 25 years. If US´s wars for "israel" dont stop under Trump, Swedes will become a rural-living minority
    • avatar
      the wish may be father to the thought, but the wish fulfillment approach by the swedes tends to lack something.
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