15:02 GMT14 May 2021
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    Editors of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary mocked US President-elect Donald Trump's mistake in a Twitter post accusing China of stealing a US underwater drone.

    Trump wrote via Twitter that it was an "unpresidented" act that China seized a US in the international waters of the disputed South China Sea.

    Editors of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary mocked the US president-elect by saying that the word is definitely a "new one."

    ​Later, Trump fixed his mistake, replacing his Tweet with a new one.

    On Friday, reports emerged of a Chinese warship seizing a US underwater drone in the international waters of the disputed South China Sea region.

    On Thursday, USNS Bowditch, a US oceanographic vessel, stopped some 100 miles off the port at Subic Bay in the Philippines to pick up two drones when a Chinese vessel captured one of them, according to US defense officials. The US Department of Defense urged to immediately return the drone, calling the capture illegal.

    The Chinese Defense Ministry said that the Chinese warship located unknown equipment in the international waters of the South China Sea and, in order to avoid endangering the passing ships and their crews, the Chinese side used friend-or-foe identification, which showed that it was a US underwater drone.

    Meanwhile, the United States alleged that China ignored requests for the drone to be returned.

    The drone is not a classified piece of equipment and is used to gather data on water temperature, salinity and the speed of sound, according Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook.


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