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    An Instagram account belonging to an apparently non-existent concrete factory is becoming increasingly popular as Internet users become enthralled by images of nearly identical gray cement surfaces.

    The account now has over 8,600 followers who were apparently attracted by about 130 images of various concrete surfaces – '100 shades of gray' as it were.

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    Фото опубликовано saratov_zbs (@saratov_zbs) Ноя 14 2016 в 8:27 PST


    Some subscribers believe that these images are nothing short of modern art masterpieces.

    #бетон #concrete #саратов #saratov #saratov_zbs

    Фото опубликовано saratov_zbs (@saratov_zbs) Ноя 5 2016 в 11:28 PDT


    Others are keen to discuss the physical properties of the concrete mixtures depicted in the photos.

    #бетон #concrete #саратов #saratov #saratov_zbs

    Фото опубликовано saratov_zbs (@saratov_zbs) Ноя 13 2016 в 8:30 PST


    Despite the fact that the account, saratov_zbs, is labeled as the official account of Saratov Concrete Mixes Plant, it appears that no such organization actually exists.

    #бетон #concrete #саратов #saratov #saratov_zbs

    Фото опубликовано saratov_zbs (@saratov_zbs) Ноя 10 2016 в 8:31 PST


    Eventually the Instagram account owner admitted to the local media outlet The Saratov Room that he's not in fact a representative of any factory or organization, and started this unusual gallery of his because "concrete is pretty."

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    Фото опубликовано saratov_zbs (@saratov_zbs) Окт 26 2016 в 9:26 PDT


    He also added that he was "shocked" by his account’s success and vowed to continue posting pics to Instagram.

    #бетон #concrete #саратов #saratov #saratov_zbs

    Фото опубликовано saratov_zbs (@saratov_zbs) Окт 17 2016 в 12:45 PDT



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