12:23 GMT24 July 2021
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    The mayor of a small town in Cremona, Northern Italy, has called in a team of ghostbusters to investigate some disturbing occurrences in the town’s public buildings.

    A local theatre called Ostiano, which is housed in a 16th century-castle, has been of particular interest to the Italian Society of Paranormal Research, also known as Silent.

    In their pursuit of supernatural forces the ghost-hunters also spent time looking at cellars of the local library, filming both locations with special cameras at nighttime.

    The mayor’s decision to call on a team of ghost-hunters received some criticism from the local public.

    One resident told a local paper, “There is no scientific proof, and I'm scandalized that in 2016 an administration wastes time with such nonsense,” online publication The Local reported.

    The results of their gathered material have not yet been analyzed, so it's too soon to say if the town possesses any super natural forces.

    However, the city’s mayor, Lorenzo Locatelli claimed that allowing the group free access to public buildings was reasonable.

    “They are not looking for ghosts, but for energy bubbles and electrical currents which are beyond the everyday,” he said.

    He further said that the ghost-hunters will provide a scientific explanation to the happenings.

    “Some of them are engineers and technicians who do this research as a hobby. It's their dream to find a 'presence,' but in 20 hours of research they haven't found anything,” Locatelli added.

    Earlier in 2013, the Abruzzo mayor called in a ghost-hunting squad to look into strange goings-on in his neighborhood.

    There were reports by locals of werewolf sightings and strange phenomenon taking place in a church built on the site of an old pagan temple.


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