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    Lake Omodeo, Sardinia

    Sardinia Sizzles, Its Largest Lake May Soon Disappear (PHOTO)

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    Italy is no stranger to natural disasters: its central regions have recently suffered from several catastrophic earthquakes, and now one of the country's biggest lakes, Omodeo, faces the risk of drying up.

    The island of Sardinia's manmade Lake Omodeo emerged in 1919-1924, after a damn was constructed on the Tirso River. Lake Omodeo is the largest body of waterin Sardinia and one of the biggest in Europe.

    ​Lake Omodeo is also popular among tourists. Surrounded with basalt plateaus and lofty mountains, it is a perfect illustration of Sardinia’s unique charm and unexplored wilderness.

    Now, however, the existence of this lake is endangered. Lately its water-level has dropped to 12 meters because the balmy Mediterranean island is suffering from its worst drought in 25 years.

    ​The island has gone without as much as a drop of rain for many months. The water —level of Lake Omodeo is decreasing as fast as one meter a month. As a result, the situation in agriculture is outright catastrophic. Furthermore, another artificial lake in Sardinia, the Liscia, is also drying up.

    ​The drought is going to undo everything: the banks of the lakes are dry, and nothing grows there, so cattle have nowhere to graze. More than 200,000 flocks of sheep and cows have lost their breeding grounds. The Italian Water Conservation Society has prohibited pasture irrigation since September and imposed heavy restrictions on water consumption until the drought is over.

    There is a slender hope that Lake Omodeo is still there when the rain comes.


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