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    Muhannad Musa

    Syrian Hero Receives No Reward After Handing €150,000 Over to German Police

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    Twenty-five-year-old refugee from Syria, Muhannad Musa, hit the headlines of German newspapers last summer after he was reported to have found 150,000 euros and handed it over to police. Musa's honesty was then hailed as an example, while the young man himself was called a "hero." However, now his name is hardly remembered by anyone in the country.

    What happened to Musa after his heroic deed? Was he taken care of by German authorities or did the German government left him to the mercy of fate? In an interview with Sputnik, Musa reveals the truth about his life several months after the incident.

    Talking about the money he found in a closet which he bought in second hand shop, he frankly admits that he first thought about keeping the money for himself.

    "I was thinking about what would be the right thing to do, and my first thought was of my family. This amount would be enough to help them and bring them to Germany. There is a war in Syria, terrible things are happening. Two of my brothers are now at an age when they can be called up. And if you go to the army, you are likely to die, or you will be forced to kill innocent people," Musa told Sputnik.

    At the end, Musa decided to give money to the police, so that they could return it to its rightful owner. His action was not taken for granted, with police being totally surprised about his honesty and praising him for his move.

    "Well, I'm a refugee, and have very little money. As you know, refugees live in very difficult conditions. Moreover, each refugee has a family living in Syria, which he would like to help with money. Usually people think: If I've found the money, it belongs to me. Perhaps there are some cultural differences here. Anyway, the Germans seemed to have been very surprised that a man who needed money more than anyone else, still decided to hand it over to the police," Musa stated.

    Has Musa's life changed after his heroic deed? Well, actually not much. He still has few friends, and didn't get much help for him or his family. Only once he met the owner of the money. He had been promised 1,600 euros for the return of 150,000 euros, but hasn't received even this small sum.

    Muhannad Musa
    © Sputnik /
    Muhannad Musa

    "I don't have the right to receive such amounts. Instead, the employment office will use this money for me. Since I am a refugee, it is illegal that I have so much money. I asked if I could use the money to get a driver's license, but it is also forbidden," Musa said.

    Musa says that the money is not the most important thing for him. Much more, he hopes that there is someone who will help him to rescue his family.

    "The only thing I really dream of, it's to get my family out of the terrible situation they are in now. Maybe there is someone who could help me. My mom cries every time we talk on the phone. My parents are very proud of me, but we are so far from each other and have not seen each other for one year. If my family comes to see me, that would be the greatest reward for me. I don't need any money in the world, I want just to see them," Musa said.


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