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    'Take Me to Your Home County': UFO May Have Been Spotted in Derbyshire, UK

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    A local newspaper in Derbyshire, UK was recently inundated with calls from residents who claimed to have witnessed some rather strange activity in the skies.

    Flashing blue and white lights were spotted in the sky with some video footage sparking speculation about who or what was causing them to occur. Video footage filmed by Youtube user Wayne Austin, was posted online which added to the confusion over what may have caused the mysterious sightings. 

    A number of theories has been suggested by local residents such as the lights coming from a traveling circus that was based locally, or even the possibility of them being created by someone simply messing around with laser beams.

    But as can be common with unexplained sightings such as this, the UFO theory is the one that dominated, with many users commenting about a possible alien invasion:

    "I stood 40 mins watching them. There was 4 in Derbyshire, above my house," one YouTube user commented. 

    "I'm not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens!" another YouTube user stated.

    According to eye-witness reports provided to Derbyshire Times newspaper, many of the local witnesses also suggested a theory that the lights could have been sky beams from a UFO craft looking to land in the local area. Really?

    So, if there was such a thing as "aliens" from faraway lands even existing and choosing to visit our human hemisphere, we wondered where they may choose to land. Is Derbyshire really the "ideal" location they would gravitate towards or should we assume another location where a significant number of UFO sightings may have already been recorded? 

    The North, UK

    The North is said get the most UFO sightings per year and locations such as Stonehenge in the county of Warminster is quite popular, quite likely as a result of the recreational "parties" that take place there.

    Roswell, New Mexico 

    Roswell is still ranked as one of the most famous UFO incidents in history with UFO enthusiasts even claiming that the US military had captured an alien aircraft.

    It's a popular spot to visit for those inclined to research the phenomenon further, as well as also attracting a number of other sightings on a regular basis. Mexico City has also had significant sightings reported. 

    Pacific Coast Highway in California, US

    The Pacific Coast Highway is said to be another spot with a number of sightings reported since as far back as 1947.

    It's also a picturesque location, so if you don't spot any UFOs, you can always simply take in the views. 

    San Clemente, Chile 

    San Clemente has apparently had so many UFO sightings over the years that it has even renamed a 19-mile stretch, known as the "UFO trail" which many believe would be a popular landing location.

    Sochi, Russia

    Sochi has reported sightings of luminous objects and flyer saucer type aircrafts in the sky. Many even believe there may be a UFO base high up in the mountains as a result of the number of strange occurrences witnesses claim to have seen high above. 

    © Sputnik / Alexander Vilf

    Kolkata, India 

    Kolkata in 2007 is said to have witnessed a very unusual fireball in the sky that baffled local residents. Since then, a number of similarly unusual sightings have been recorded with little to no other explanation but "alien" activity.

    Some cite "overactive imaginations" as the likely cause. 

    Nullarbor Plain, Australia 

    The Australian outback is claimed ti be a UFO hotspot, particularly since the British military began testing atomic bombs there in the 1950s. Since then, many sightings are recorded and many trails even have signs placed locally saying: "Beware of UFOs."

    Earth's Orbit, Space

    A number of missions to space have recorded sightings of "unexplained" sightings, however space agencies are generally reserved about going into too much detail as to what they could be.

    The International Space Station (ISS) uses a modular design first perfected by Soviet engineers in the 1980s.
    The International Space Station (ISS) uses a modular design first perfected by Soviet engineers in the 1980s.

    Space exploration is a big industry which is rapidly progressing. Could they be aware of things that the public isn't — just yet?

    A field day for conspiracy theorists.


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