01:33 GMT11 April 2021
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    Russia's telecommunications watchdog has turned down Pornhub's offer of unlimited smut in exchange for making the site available in the country.

    Thousands of users across Russia were left empty-handed when the state banned access to the world's largest adult website, Pornhub. However, the site's administration appears to be unfazed, if not amused, by this development.

    Taking things in stride, they tweeted a joking appeal to the Russian telecommunications watchdog Roskomnadzor, making them an intriguing offer in exchange for amnesty.

    "If we give you guys a Pornhub Premium account, will you un ban Pornhub in Russia?" a message posted on the adult website’s official Twitter account said.

    ​Roskomnadzor, however, displayed its trademark sternness when its representatives reviewed this 'request' and tweeted a reply.

    "Sorry, we are not in the market and the demography is not a commodity," the watchdog retorted.

    Will this mark the end of these 'negotiations'? Time will tell.

    ​Pornhub is a pornographic video-sharing website and the largest pornography site on the Internet.

    In 2015 the Russian-language version of Pornhub was blacklisted by the local telecommunications watchdog Roskomnadzor, and on September 14, 2016 the website was banned in Russia completely.


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