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    Adult sex dolls are on display during the 2016 Shanghai International Adult Toys and Reproductive Health Exhibition in Shanghai

    'In Love' With a Robot? Why Sex With Machines May 'Cause Psychopathic Disorders'

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    The first ever international conference on the issue of sex and possible "relationships" with robots called "Technology and Intimacy: Choice or Coercion?" took place in Britain a few days ago. In an interview with Sputnik, several experts in the field of sexology and psychology commented on the issue.

    One could expect that the opinions in such a delicate area will be different. In an interview with Sputnik, experts expressed various views on the issue.

    Thus, sexologist and psychologist from London Kate Moyle believes that the idea of sex with robots might attract many people "who may have a fear of intimacy or rejection or who struggle with the vulnerability involved when it comes to human relationships."

    At the same time, she expressed concerns that if a person uses a robot for sex for a long time it would be difficult for him or her to have an intimate relationship with other people in the future.

    For his turn, Russian sexologist Lev Shcheglov welcomed the conference itself but mentioned that even the most attractive robot is only a machine that is created for human satisfaction.

    "Learning everything related to a human being in terms of technology is a direct scientific task. Therefore, from a scientific point of view, the conference is the right move. But the question about true love and marriage with robots is illusory, because it still is a simple mechanism of self-satisfaction. Creating a robot that would have feelings, individual choice and unpredictable reactions, not to mention the complicated psyche of the subconscious, is impossible in principle," the expert stated.

    In a world where robot technology is able to achieve the same or even better results than a human can, it could eventually lead to many also deeming amorous encounters with a robot as being better than that with another human being.

    In this context, Shcheglov argued that for certain groups of people robots could be really helpful, but to the majority of mankind they pose a serious danger.

    "It could be useful when it comes to wheelchair users or people injured in some tragic incidents. For such people, a real romantic encounter and sexual contact is unlikely, that is why sex with a robot could be good for them," Shcheglov said.

    "But for the great mass of normal people, it won't be good," the expert continued. "Sex with a robot is just a fake imitation […]. And it can lead to psychopathic disorders and isolation. Sex with robots won't bring into a person's life the emotional effect that gives us a true communion. You can eat pseudo-food to still hunger, but over time it will still end badly. After all, the body won't get the substances that are present in the natural products. And in this case — the emotions that shape and bring sense to our life, make it unique, different from others," the expert concluded.

    Although the future forecasts about life with robots don't sound positive enough, according to some reports, innovative brothels with sex robots might open in Britain already in the coming years. The authorities believe that it will help to solve a range of social problems, such as illegal prostitution and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, as reported by Mirror.


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    • Alektrion
      "Creating a robot that would have feelings, individual choice and unpredictable reactions, not to mention the complicated psyche of the subconscious, is impossible in principle," the expert stated.

      Impossible for YOU, amateur.
    • avatar
      And sex with real persons won't make you psychopathic?
    • avatar
      Right! Gleeful psychotic episodes that will follow no complaining about being out with the guys, no headaches, not fat bottom questions, gladly allowing use of the remote control, no comments about feet on the coffee table, no comments about personal hygiene and so forth and so on. Those happy male-moments will be looked up as mental instability only by flesh and blood female head-shrinkers. Men will simply call it glory and tell the shrinks to take an aspirin and not call in the morning.
    • avatar
      And as far as "not being good" is concerned, that's a load of horse hockey. We've been told self gratification is not good for us: make you go blind, grow hair in your palm, sap your strength and etc. I guess that's why we all don't do it right? This whole article is pure unadulterated pasture grade warm and steamy Bravo Sierra.
    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
      To be honest it can be a good solution for people who have some "pulsions" ie rapists or else. Well it can even reduce prostitution maybe? That could be a good thing.
    • avatar
      Somebody pays these people?
    • avatar
      it's a messy area.
    • avatar
      Sex with robots is just another case of masturbation, the ill effects of which are well known to all but those whose minds have been damaged by it: loss of erectile function, increasing inability to make real relationships. For generations people laughed at the advice of our parents, "excessive masturbation damages the brain". Laugh no more.
    • avatar
      arpitoin reply toBennEaton(Show commentHide comment)
      BennEaton, wishing you continued happy self gratification. Some people find out the hard way. While you may not go blind etc., you are a fool to ignore the opinion of the experts and your ow experience. If you engage in masturbating off porno 3 times a day, the average Joe will be desensitized and acquire psychotic conditioning regarding the opposite sex, perceiving them primarily as objects of gratification. No if-s or but-s about that.
    • avatar
      arpitoin reply toAlektrion(Show commentHide comment)
      Alektrion, i suppose you know more than the average Joe. Care to substantiate your outlandish statement? or just stick with inflatables. Because truly no machine has been created even at the tiniest level that can exhibit the essential characteristics of life: responsiveness, self sustenance, reproduction and evolution in an natural, unaided environment. Life cannot be reproduced to a formula. Once that is done it cannot be life any more. IDIOT!!!
    • avatar
      mzungu in Africa
      Mass produce these machines for sex hungry immigrants!
    • Tree Oxygen
      [...the body won't get the substances that are present in the natural products.]
      In other words, no regular FLUID EXCHANGE may lead to Psychiatric Disorders.
    • avatar
      How about moving to the higher intellectual level and not been of need for basics of the body that can easly be phased out as one reached higher intelectual level !?
    • Adrienne Adonis
      I guess for MEN ...... A sexy female robot can be a home run ! The robot won't ever be moody hence the man will not be rejected from having intercourse........the robot can also escort the man in the movie theatre and anything can happen at that point ! The problem I see for some women is if the their boyfriends or husbands have robots , the men might get used to looking at the sext robots body and if his spouse or girlfriend is a bit chunky then he eventually might get turned off and make an about face to the robot again. I think most men won't leave their residences if they have a female robot. If they do happen to leave to go hang out with friends I guarantee you they won't have their balls broken by the robot.
    • Zoanthropy
      If the company gets listed on the stock exchange, I'll buy shares,
      probably end up being a top 100. 😉
    • avatar
      Religious pundits also said so-called "test tube babies" would be "born without souls".
    • nuclearstarr
      Can't be any worse than what my ex-wife did to me.
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