16:39 GMT16 June 2021
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    Nearly fifteen years have passed since the 9/11 attacks but, as Americans prepare to honor the memory of those lost, some millennials will celebrate Sunday as just another day at the beach.

    In a viral video entitled "Stupid Americans Clueless About September 11th Attack Fifteen Year Anniversary," Youtube journalist Mark Dice interviews a number of young beachgoers in San Diego, California, quizzing them on one of the most significant events in recent American history.

    The results are not promising.

    "What year did the 9/11 attacks happen," Dice, the author of "The Illuminati in Hollywood," asks one young sunbather.

    "2003," she responded. Her answer, of course, is two years off.

    "What was the name of the terrorist leader behind the 9/11 attacks?" Dice asks another beach-going millennial, extending his dice-shaped microphone.

    "I don’t remember," the flummoxed pedestrian responds.

    "What was some [sic] of the targets of the 9/11 terrorist attacks," he asks one antsy youth.

    "I don’t know, I wanna get a beer man."

    Mark Dice, creator of the video "Beyonce Sold Soul to Satan for $115 Million Dollars" has again proven, as if we need to be reminded, that many Americans are idiots.


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