16:49 GMT06 August 2020
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    While many Pokemon Go players are vexed by the necessity to walk long distances to hatch incubating eggs, it appears that there are ways to defeat this restriction.

    In order to hatch Pokemon eggs, players have to walk or cycle while carrying their smartphone for considerable distances (up to 10 kilometers), and needless to say, many consider this requirement quite a hassle.

    As a result, enterprising people from around the world started to come up with crafty schemes to bypass the nagging restriction and hatch their digital eggs without subjecting themselves to additional physical exertions.

    For example, it turns out that you can attach your phone to an iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner and just let the automaton do its thing while simultaneously getting you closer to your goal.

    Placing your gadget on top of a spinning vinyl turntable also appears to do the trick, though some people report that this method doesn’t work for them.

    And if you’re the proud owner of a model railway, then you’re in luck.

    You can also apparently attach your smartphone to a ceiling fan, but keep in mind that this is a rather risky method.

    And your phone may end up like this.

    So be careful when selecting your hatching method.


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