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    Chivalry Isn't Dead! Modern-Day Prince on a White Horse Charms Muscovites

    © Photo: prince_inthecity/instagram
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    Recently a mysterious mounted gentleman arrived in Moscow, announcing that he was a prince in search of his one true love.

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    Фото опубликовано Принц на белом коне (@prince_inthecity) Июн 2 2016 в 12:08 PDT

    A handsome, beguiling gentleman recently appeared on the streets of Moscow, calling himself the 'prince on a white horse'. Passersby were especially delighted to note that his steed was adorned with vanity license plates which read "Prince 77". 'He is not a myth, nor a fairy tale', onlookers exclaimed with enthusiasm while greeting the courteous instant celebrity. 'He complies with all traffic rules', the city's traffic police added happily. Eyewitnesses reported that the man was very friendly and sociable, and quick with compliments for attractive girls. 

    The social networks were abuzz with photographs of the famous prince. Questions arose: 'Where he's from? Why is he here? Will he wonder along the streets for long?' The young man responded unequivocally that his heart had driven him to search far and wide for his soul mate. A gaggle of girls posted selfies with the charming cavalier, while drivers welcomed the quixotic interlude from the monotony of Moscow's notorious traffic. 

    No one understands for sure what prompted this phenomenon or why the stranger on the white horse appeared, but for a few short hours on one summer day, he came to embody the earnest dream of all young, single ladies in search of their one true love.

    If you are looking for a charming, generous and an attractive man, make your way to Moscow and you just might find him. Dreams come true!  


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