21:18 GMT28 October 2020
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    An anonymous author has created a new version of the King James Bible for the 21st century, which replaces some of the most-used words with emojis.

    An emoji version of the Bible has updated the scripture for the 21st century, giving readers a chance to read the gospels in illustrated form.

    The new book, called "Scripture for Millennials," uses the King James version of the Bible, comprises 3,282 pages and is available on iTunes for $2.99. 

    Its author, who goes by the emoji 😎, created the text using a special program, which replaced the Bible's most-used words and phrases with 80 emojis.

    On iTunes, they describe it as "a great and fun way to share the gospel. Explore all 66 books chronicling the stories of Abraham, Noah and Jesus like never before!"

    ​The author has also set up a Twitter account, which offers users select quotations from the Bible, in emoji form.

    ​The initiative to make the Bible more appealing to the younger generation comes amid claims that the influence of religion is declining among younger people in the US and other countries in the Western world.

    A study published in March by sociologists from UCL (UK) and Duke University (US) found that 68 percent of Americans aged 65 and over said they had no doubt God existed, compared to 45 percent of young adults, aged 18-30. 

    While 41 percent of people 70 and older said they attend church services at least once a month, only 18 percent of people 60 and below said the same.

    The researchers compared the figures with data from Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and that people there similarly appear to be losing their religion.

    "The US has long been considered an exception to the modern claim that religion is declining, but if you look at the trajectory, and the generational dynamic that is producing the trajectory, we may not be an exception after all," said study co-author Professor Mark Chaves. 


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