08:05 GMT21 April 2021
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    The Dude Perfect sports entertaining group has taken trick shots to the highest level. Literally. Tyler Toney, aka "The Bearded Guy", shot a ball into a basket from a 533-foot skyscraper and wrote his and his teammates’ names into the Guinness Book of World Records. They have set 11 incredible records. Watch closely!

    The eagle-eyed Tyler Toney executed an unbelievable sniper shot from the roof of the 162-meter Cotter Ranch Tower in Oklahoma City. Thus beating Australian Brett Standord’s record by nearly 36 meters, according to GuinnessWorldRecords.com.  

    But this was just one of the amazing achievements the team added to their list of records!

    Don’t miss the most basketball free throws in one minute by a pair (35), farthest basketball shot made with the head (11.32 meters), longest basketball shot blindfolded (21.64 meters) and other records set by Dude Perfect.

    Earlier, the five inseparable friends from Texas tried their hands (or, to be specific, feet) in football tricks  involving Manchester City stars Kevin De Bruyne and Raheem Sterling as well as Arsenal’s Calum Chambgers and Mathiew Flamini.

    What about other mind-blowing tricks?

    These guys are just unstoppable.

    What about making fun of some stereotypes?

    It looks like precision and Dude Perfect are inseparable like yin and yang.

    Ty & Gar had themselves a day! ⛳️☔️

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    Broke in the new homemade shooting range at the ranch today. #LooksLikeTheVectorIsSightedIn

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