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    A picture taken on January 18, 2016 shows vehicles driving on a street in front of the Azadi Tower in the capital Tehran

    ‘Safest Country I Ever Visited’: Iran Awes Female German Tourist

    © AFP 2017/ ATTA KENARE
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    German tourist Dorothea Wisse and her fiancé visited Iran and were left spellbound by the country’s natural beauty and rich culture. Iranian newspaper Tehran Times wrote about her journey through magnificent Persia.

    “Iran — one of the safest countries I have ever visited, being a woman,” Dorothea Wisse said.

    According to the newspaper, Dorothea was first seen visiting the Iranian village on Qeshm Island. She and her fiancé had planned to stay on the island for 4 days during their 21 day trip to Iran.

    Earlier, Dorothea not only toured many European countries, but also traveled to Canada, South Africa and Ecuador.

    Their journey to Iran was organized in such a way that the couple managed to visit the cities of Kashan, Abyan, Natanz, Esfahan, Shahrekord, Kuhrang, Chorus and Yazd.

    When they spoke to the correspondent from the Tehran Times they were en route to the island of Hormuz and Qeshm.

    A general view of the citadel Arg'e Bam, the pre-Islamic desert citadel that was the largest adobe monument in the world made of non-baked clay bricks, a thousand kilometres (600 miles) southeast of Tehran
    © AFP 2017/ ATTA KENARE
    A general view of the citadel Arg'e Bam, the pre-Islamic desert citadel that was the largest adobe monument in the world made of non-baked clay bricks, a thousand kilometres (600 miles) southeast of Tehran

    “It is very difficult to say which of these places is the most beautiful. Each one of them in their own way is surprising and wonderful,” Dorothea said.

    She added that most of all she liked the city of Hor. The city is situated near the desert Deshte-Lut in the Isfahan province.

    Talking about her traveling Dorothea pointed out that in her view, Iran is an inexpensive destination. “The food is pretty cheap, with the exception of tourist attractions and historical sites.”

    “Since I am a vegetarian, I had some problems with delicious Iranian food and also I missed German bread,” the tourist said.

    Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque, Shiraz, Iran
    Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque, Shiraz, Iran

    She noted that the historic sites are visited more by Iranian tourists than foreign visitors. “I think this is a good trend. In cities such as Paris, the opposite is true: you are unlikely to meet Parisians near the tourist sites only the tourists themselves,” Dorothea said.

    During their stay in Çeşme, Dorothea and her fiancé visited Mangroves Jara Geopark, Star Valley and Gorge Chah-Kuh, famous for their beautiful landscape.

    Dorothea was immensely impressed when she saw turtles and sharks on the island of Hormuz and the island of Heng.

    Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, Iran
    Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, Iran

    “As a European traveler, I saw a lot of things that you will not find in Europe. In France, the United States and many other Western countries, it is the same way of life completely.”

    In Iran it is a different civilization, a different religion and a different climate which makes it so spellbinding and enchanting.

    “Iran is opening its doors to tourists and you can see for yourself all the things that you have heard about this country,” Dorothea said smiling, Tehran Times wrote.

    Tulips in Tehran
    © Photo: Houman Ardebili
    Tulips in Tehran

    She noted that from a political perspective, the international media focuses its coverage only on the nuclear program, economic and political problems of Iran.

    “Iran has a lot of open and happy people, they are happy with their lives. Their daily life is much calmer than the foreign media portrays. The younger generation is open to everything new and modern and is in step with the current time,” Dorothea concluded.


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