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    Let's Chat! Swiss Men Create 'Talking' T-Shirts for Tourists

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    Even though English is recognized as an international language, that does not mean that people can speak it everywhere.

    Many tourists have communication problems with residents of other countries and often cannot explain what they actually need.

    For such situations, three Swiss men have developed special T-shirts with symbols for all possible cases. Every T-shirt contains 39 pictures, some of which include a train, telephone, glass of beer, toilet, pharmacy and other essential services.

    "T-shirts of the World edition series have 39 icons. We've been experimenting with them, tested several prototypes: we tried to communicate only via T-shirts," one of the project's founders, George Horn told Sputnik.

    He also added that symbols depicted on the T-shirts proved understandable for residents of various countries and were a great help when conversation between people failed.

    The use of the T-shirts is easy: if verbal communication in a foreign country does not work, you simply point to the corresponding icon.

    "We used the T-shirt mainly in Europe and in South America. But we have customers all over the world, in New Zealand, for example. Obviously, this principle works everywhere. We are very pleased that our product […] can be used worldwide," Horn said.

    The new label is called ICON SPEAK. According to the initiators, they have come to this simple but unusual idea during their trip to Asia in 2013. The young men often had communication problems with the local population and decided to help other travelers to avoid misunderstandings.


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