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    Apple’s 40th Anniversary: Ten Fun Facts About Company That Changed World

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    As Apple celebrated its 40th anniversary on April 1, Sputnik compiled ten cool facts about the company that changed human history. Click to find out.

    1. Though many link the creation of Apple solely with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the company was actually founded by three men — Jobs, Wozniak and Ronald Wayne — in the garage of Steve Job's parents on April 1, 1976.

    2. Wozniak might have made the mistake of his life when he decided to sell his 10 percent share for $800 only 12 days after Apple was launched. If Wayne didn't sell his share in 1976, today it would be worth at least $60 billion.

    3. One of the main reasons why the two Steves decided to name their company Apple was because they wanted to be ahead of Jobs' former employees — Atari — in the phonebook. Remember, people didn't use Internet to google things, they used phonebooks.

    4. The very first Apple logo wasn't an apple. Ronald Wayne designed the first Apple logo, which featured Isaac Newton sitting under a tree, while an apple was falling onto his head.

    5. To build the first few orders of their new product, the young Apple founders had to find some money which they desperately lacked. So Steve Jobs had to sell his car, a Volkswagen van, while Wozniak sold his Hewlett-Packard 65 scientific calculator, which back then cost a ton of money. Wozniak managed to get $500 for it.

    6. Apple products have always been expensive compared to the prices of other tech companies. Their very first computer cost an astounding $666, which in the mid-70s was a lot of money. If accounted for inflation, today the first Apple computer would be more expensive than the MacBook Air today.

    7. The very first Apple Store was opened quite recently, in May 2001 in the state of Virginia. Nowadays, there are close to 500 official retail stores in 18 countries worldwide.

    8. Apple's real success came when Steve Jobs, who was forced to resign from the company in 1985 after a struggle with the board of directors, returned to his original company in 1997 as interim CEO. Three years later, Jobs officially took the role of Apple CEO.

    9. In 2001, Jobs designed the first-generation iPod, which held no more than 1,000 songs, but it was a revolutionary device back then.

    10. The iPhone era began in 2007 when Apple introduced its hot new product for the price of $599. The Apple iPhone was so revolutionary that Time Magazine named the device "Invention of the Year" in 2007.    


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