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    Isaak Newton

    Eureka! Scientists Unveil Isaac Newton’s Recipe for Philosopher’s Stone

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    Scientists of the US-based Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) have published Isaac Newton's original alchemy treatise describing how to turn anything into gold.

    The manuscript, penned by Sir Isaac Newton, is in fact a copy of a text written in Latin by another alchemist, called ‘Preparation of the [Sophick] Mercury for the [Philosophers'] Stone by the Antimonial Stellate Regulus of Mars and Luna from the Manuscripts of the American Philosopher’, and details the process of creating the aforementioned philosophic mercury.

    "Philosophic mercury was [thought to be] a substance that could be used to break down metals into their constituent parts. The idea is if you break the metals down you can then reassemble them and make different metals," James Voelkel, the CHF’s curator of rare books, said, according to the Chemistry World Magazine.

    Along with the copy of the original treatise however, the document also contains a record of at least one of Newton’s own alchemical experiments.

    The manuscript was apparently a part of the papers sold by the legendary physicist’s descendants at Sotheby’s in 1936. After being kept in a private collection for decades, the document was purchased by CHF and finally made available to the public.

    The philosopher’s stone is a mythical alchemical substance capable of turning base metals into gold, and even extending a person's lifespan.


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    • A = π r 2
      given that 'philosophic mercury' can break things down into its constituent parts, there's many players in Europe who would leap at the chance to get their hands on the recipe, as would electronics firms across the world given the state of the gold price

      also, the image that accompanies this article proves beyond all doubt what we knew all along: that Sir Isaac Newton was a fan of Pink Floyd
      Amazing how even the most briiliant people can delude themselves with blind beliefs and superstition.

      It is a lesson we should not forget in trying to understand our world and the people who run it.
    • avatar
      "from the manuscript of the American philosofer" ? There was no America at that time; may some refugee farmers from Europe.
    • FlorianGeyerin reply toJOHN CHUCKMAN(Show commentHide comment)

      America has been 'turning lies into gold for many decades' and stealing gold from weaker nations.
    • avatar
      Isaac Newton was an interesting fellow. Often cited by those hoping to debunk a greater world view, but he was the highest profile practicing alchemist of all time.

      My engineering education left me with the standard pragmatic world view. After thirty five years in technology research and development that view has expanded to include cosmic aspects hereto not considered very pragmatic. After the esteemed Dr. Milewski taught me how to make a 750 micron gold bead in a kitchen microwave oven from silica dioxide (beer bottle glass) in Albuquerque NM my paradigm was shattered. I immediately had the bead assayed at a credible assay lab and it was 90% Au and 10% Ag.

      I went down to Albuquerque with a healthy degree of scepticism and came home with that gold bead in my pocket unable to reconcile the reality of its presence with the so called big bang theory.

      I then did a lot of research on the big bang theory and anyone that does that sadly learns there is absolutely no science behind the silly notion. The bright people of the day who came up with that model were all upstanding community members and good Christians who believed the genesis story of God making the earth in six days and sat on his ass on the seventh. Reconciling creation in six days would make for terrible mathematic formula so they did the next best thing and did it in a singularity event. These nitwits still teach this nonsense in our highest learning institutions.

      Ask any practicing researcher in LENR and NANO technology and they will tell you (off the record of course) that they have been seeing new elements in their experiments for the last 10 years. A dial a metal future in just around the corner and digging metals from the bowels of the earth nearly a thing of the past.

      Here is some reality model 101.
      The creation of the elements is an ongoing process and we have an expanding earth to prove it.

      Since the smashing of the quark (looking for ever smaller foundational elemental particles they found only empty vibrating space) the obvious reality is that stuff is made of nothing.

      Space and its contents as we experience it, is only our neuronet interpretation of encoded energies.

      If that sounds like the Matrix movie you are absolutely right. Truth is the 13 year old with the 3 DVD box set of the Matrix movies has a more functional relationship with reality and a better education that our Harvard PhD’s.

      The encoded energy is also consciously coupled flickering at a rate of some 144,000 times per second. That means we can input new information or coding between every flicker.

      We are collectively and individually making all this sh*t up and with technology precious metals can be made cheaping in scalable industrial amounts.

      To see me making gold go to Video link: vimeo.com/90037448
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      innocappuccinnoin reply toJOHN CHUCKMAN(Show commentHide comment)
      JOHN CHUCKMAN, Newton did not delude himself with blind superstition and belief. that was the starting level at that time. Newton did good, he promptly draw sound conclusions and pushed it to the next level. Newton is the founder of the Chemistry science. Isn't experiment a scientific tool? If Newton would've made no alchemy experiments, would you call him scientist? he did the experiments and concluded: maaan, this is lame! Btw, Newton really found how one can make gold - a better gold than the metal we call gold. it is called knowledge and it is the most precious gold.
    • avatar
      innocappuccinnoin reply tomburger(Show commentHide comment)
      mburger, you are the one trying to fool us all in here. now go and suck there's no global warming toe!
    • avatar
      mburgerin reply toinnocappuccinno(Show commentHide comment)

      After making gold and other precious metals in some 240 Lab trials I have no doubt he created metals as well as new knowledge.
    • avatar
      mburgerin reply toinnocappuccinno(Show commentHide comment)

      Not even curious about the new data? Knee jerk slandering of legitimate hard working researchers.

      Now that you have shown yourself to be both a fool and ignorant go away.
    • avatar
      okay, okay, let it be my way! new data as a tool to get shmoopsie-poo data! okay, let's say:
      - we-eh-we-eh! we don't have no more no gold. we evolved and want goold for something different than in the past. we are no more no evil. and we really want to bah-lieve. can be there be oh-some way? no no way hosey!
      so let's say double hosey:
      - no way, you get no more no gold no nay! i don't qah-rey how much you evolvey, you get no gold, use aluminum for your electronics. you can destroy the atmosphere, i don't care, make protective glases with aluminum instead of gold. or with burned sebum from obese. u get no more no way goldey! pay for russian gass and oil with gold, then when it is all gone, pay with parts of your country. you get no more no gold please!
      you chosey me ignorant? noh nay! you got no more gold no nay!
      damn, this feels good!
    • avatar
      "The encoded energy is also consciously coupled flickering at a rate of some 144,000 times per second. That means we can input new information or coding between every flicker."
      so if i generate a signal on 144kHz minus 3Hz, with simmulated complementary 1/f noise in the range of 1 to 10Hz, radiated at some level around 1 to 10W ERP, i can block the input of new information between flickers globally?
      why yes! conincidentally this is what i am doing ... sporadicly. i may do it continuously from now on? maybe :)
      believe me, i wondered why i was doing it, last year, when i built the complementary 1/f noise generator. able to generate complementary signal to the 1/f noise with a resolution which got me right into the white noise!
      now i am completely sincere, i did not know why i was buildin it. it was for me just a wonderful idea.
      with that i now realize am able to block the input globally.
      my project used 100+ MOS IC, the 4000 and the 7400 series, but it can be done with a one chip dedicated circuit (which i am not in the mood to delve into, have no intention to become a microelectronics engineer)
      so, you were saying?...
    • avatar
      nice to read about - it reminds me of the pleasures of studying History and Philosophy of Science. :)
    • Goyimwhisperer
      Just give it to a jewish banker and watch him turn nothing into gold by making us believe that paper has more value!
    • avatar
      you can build any element. that is on the table. has nothing to do with the LHC in EU, it was done decades ago. just that you will never gain by fabricating gold. look how it is: let's compare the energy productivity of uranium versus coal. for the sake of some numbers will throw some numbers. let's say one gram of uranium has the productivity of 2.5 ton of coal. then you'll get aproximately like this: make one gram of gold with much more than one gram of uranium, or with much more than 2.5 ton of coal. fusion takes much more energy than fision gives. it is unproductive! u gain nothing! that coal is more precious that the gold. it would be economicly feasable to produce gold only in a world where there is no gold in nature, but just as expensive. only the gold founded in nature is cheap! like only the founded in nature uranium, or coal is cheap. you still see that expensive? gooood! it is not cheaper than that, and it will never be cheaper! get used with the idea!
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