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    Melania Trump, wife of Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump

    Melania Trump: Six Things to Know About Potential US First Lady

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    There is a chance Donald Trump might become the next US president in 2016. If that happens, the United States would also have a new first lady – Melania Trump. It seems most people don’t know much about her except that she is a former model born somewhere in Eastern Europe. Sputnik fills in the blanks.

    If Trumps gets elected Melania might become one of the most beautiful first ladies in the history of the United States. But what else do we know about Mrs. Trump?

    ​1. Melanie was born in former Yugoslavia as Melanja Knavs in a family with modest means. If Trump becomes president, Melanie would become only the second foreign-born first lady after John Quincy Adams' wife Louisa, who was born in England.

    2. Contrary to the stereotype that models are dumb, Melania is educated, having finished the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. She also speaks four languages: English, Slovene, French and German.

    3. Knavs began modeling at the age of 16 and within two years she was signed to a big modeling agency in Italy. After working in Milan and Paris, she moved to New York in 1996 subsequently appearing on the covers of Vogue, Vanity Fair,  GQ, Glamour, New York Magazine, Elle, FHM and other big magazines in the fashion industry.

    ​4. Although Knavs met Donald in 1998 at a fashion week party, the two didn't get married until January 2005. Despite a big age difference, Donald and Melania seem to be a perfect couple. According to Trump the two never even had an argument. That's surprising considering Trump's quarrelsome nature in politics.

    5. Although some think she's another hot gold-digger out to grab the older and rich Trump, Melania is more than just a pretty face. Melania has been involved with several social causes, including the Police Athletic League, the Boys Club of New York and the American Red Cross.

    ​6. Like her husband, Melania is a successful entrepreneur. She's launched a jewelry collection in 2013, Melania Timepieces & Jewelry, and her own skincare line, Melania caviar Complex.


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    • avatar
      Hmmm, what a difference to Nancy Reagan....
      Now I do understand a few of my US friends better.
    • Marc Nonnenkamp
      Melania Knauss Trump is no idiot and neither is her husband Donald Trump - a very successful businessman and someone who turned his $50 million family fortune from 1981 into a $10 billion plus empire today. A few years ago Republican legislators in the State of New York practically begged him to run for Governor against Democrat Mario Cuomo, Jr. - an invitation he did not accept. GOP leaders in the Empire State wanted nothing to do with Donald Trump and instead chose a GOP insider (a no name candidate of no consequence) to face Cuomo in the gubernatorial election, where he of course lost by a landslide to the socialist Democrat. This sounds awfully familiar to what is happening in the entire USA in 2016. GOP leaders are out of touch, corrupt and the GOP will likely be no more. It is high time for the Libertarian Party of the USA to be the alternative to the Democratic Party.
    • avatar
      Jackov Smirnoff
      She knows her place, but can she bake cookies?
    • avatar
      I didn't know about her until Cruz and Rubio decided to go after Trump's wife. I think it will backfire. She's proof of the real education people get in that part of the world that most in the US don't receive. She's a real person and not some fake public relations prop. I would be pleased to have her as first lady.
    • avatar
      The more the US media try to destroy Trump, the more they begin to demonstrate how Trump is who we need as POTUS. People aren't prefect and the ones who pretend to be perfect can't be trusted.
    • avatar
      Intelligence beauty and grace.... Donald is a very lucky man.
    • Dolly Miller-Brennan
      Interesting that ugly women don't like Mrs.Trump , just sayin'.Some seem to want to assume one must be ugly to be intelligent, go figure. perhaps some pathetic neurotic jealousy
    • avatar
      jasin reply toDolly Miller-Brennan(Show commentHide comment)
      Dolly Miller-Brennan, I think there's some tension from fake strong women when to comes to truly strong women. Hillary Clinton is a good example of a fake strong woman, arrogant and loud, and not particularly talented at what she does for a living.
    • avatar
      Kim Kyu-Un, One comment that I wanted to make is that I consider most women of the former USSR to be about 10-20 years ahead of the normal learning curve. That diminishes any age difference. A man may find himself in a position of refusing to date just because she is younger, and that's kind of stupid if they get along well. Because when people are compatible, that's just how it is.
    • Dolly Miller-Brennanin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, what can is say but that I agree with you. I could not have stated it any better than you did..
    • sophm0e38
      I wonder what she told Trump about NATO's actions in Yugoslavia.
    • Ann
      According to the MSM, the only thing she ever did was to pose nude for some slut magazine, or was it a porn star? I can't remember the BS... what a refreshing story. Thank you Sputnik, for not joining the MSM feeding frenzy.
    • Annin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, Ain't that the truth? Truth? Hillary clinton says she don't need no stinkin' truth, she has big donors!
    • Annin reply toDolly Miller-Brennan(Show commentHide comment)
      Dolly Miller-Brennan, Ugly women don't like Trumps WIFE - one could say she's in their way. Psychologically, that's how some women think.
    • Annin reply tosophm0e38(Show commentHide comment)
      sophm0e38, Maybe there is the reason why Trump isn't too enthused with NATO?
    • Dolly Miller-Brennanin reply toAnn(Show commentHide comment)
      Well Ann, what can I say but that I agree with you? I'm not trying to bash anyone, but the scenario seems to consistently play out in that mode, exactly as you stated. I'm not criticizing anyone for their looks, just sick of the petty jealousies. Again You are right on target.
    • avatar
      Possibly, there is an attractive woman headed for the role. There has never been an attractive US presidential wife.
    • Annin reply toDolly Miller-Brennan(Show commentHide comment)
      Dolly Miller-Brennan, And WE'RE apparently not among them. Have a pleasant week.
    • Annin reply toZhukov(Show commentHide comment)
      Zhukov, Well they haven't been playboy bunny attractive, but there have been a couple of very elegant and lady-like first ladies. Jackie Kennedy comes to mind.
    • avatar
      Tom Pescatore
      A true good looking woman with nothing to hide, compared to Michael LaVaughn Robinson Obama!
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