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    A painting by English graffiti artist Banksy is seen at the entrance of the Calais refugee camp in France

    Follow the White Rabbit! How Researchers Uncovered Banksy's Identity

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    Researchers at Queen Mary University of London claim to have established the identity of the prominent street artist Banksy.

    They provided new evidence that Banksy is a person named Robin Ganningem who lives in Bristol.

    In order to establish his identity, the researchers applied the method of geographic profiling frequently used by police to catch criminals.

    The method is based on the assumption that criminals commit crimes near the place where they live and helps to determine the address of a suspect or at least identify a number of possible addresses.

    The street artist became the unwilling subject of the study, which was designed to show the potential of this method in criminology and other fields.

    The scientists picked up about 140 paintings in London and Bristol which they thought were made by Banksy and found that the graffiti works have always been done next to the same pub, residential house and playgrounds; London paintings repeatedly appeared in three places.

    Using information from public sources, the scientists concluded that the location of the paintings coincided with the places where Robin Ganningem frequently appeared or lived. As a result, experts have come to the conclusion that Ganningem could be the real name of the famous Banksy.

    Banksy is a graffiti artist living in the UK. He is well-known for his satirical street art, depicting various political and social scenes. His identity has long been a mystery, although media repeatedly assumed that his real name is Robin Gunningham, a young man from a well-off middle class British family.


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