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    As more and more French youth are getting hooked on various conspiracy theories, the French Ministry of Education plans to organize a special meeting and bring together 300 teachers, researchers, psychologists and students, Le Figaro reported.

    Scared of Truth? France Begins Crackdown on Conspiracy Theories

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    As more and more French youth are getting hooked on various conspiracy theories, the French Ministry of Education plans to organize a special meeting and bring together 300 teachers, researchers, psychologists and students, Le Figaro reported.

    According to the research company Ipsos, one in five among young French citizens believes and supports conspiracy theories, which became ever so popular as of recent, especially after last year's Paris terrorist attacks.

    To combat the spread of disinformation and sometimes outright lunacy, which a few conspiracy theories bring to the table, French Minister of Education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem decided to gather students and educators in a meeting on February 9 and discuss how one could distinguish real and verifiable information from various kinds of unprovable information that many conspiracy theories present.

    "Easy access to Internet and a variety of content sources create confusion and it's sometimes difficult to distinguish right from wrong and to exercise critical judgement," Vallaud-Belkacem said, as quoted by Le Figaro.

    After the November 13 terrorist attack in Paris a series of conspiracy theories, which deny the official version of the events and provide their own alternative explanations for what happened, appeared online and quickly became popular among many young French citizens.

    There are two kinds of major theories that emerged on the Internet about the Paris attacks.

    The first kind of conspiracy theory accuses the French government of orchestrating the attacks. By doing so the government allegedly seeks to tighten security measures, justify the declaration of the state of emergency and carry out a series of anti-Islamic and anti-immigration policies.

    The second type of theory is based on the idea that the world is controlled by a tight group of Jewish elites, centered in New York City, Jerusalem and some European capitals, who have their hands on the entire global economy and politics. These theories claim that this secret "Judeo-Masonic" group organized the Paris terrorist attacks for their own benefit.


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    • AnomicDust
      Welcome to the new revolution. Guillotine for the twoofers.
    • avatar
      Counter-Intelligence has developed *some/many* Conspiracy Theories.
      Intelligence Services have done that, to misdirect and confuse Societies around the world.
      Interests/Politicis/Compartmentalization Allows for Intelligence Services to be operating the way they do outside of International Law and U.N chartered/signed mandates.

      The nature of elemental lineal manifold entropy or Philosophy is elementary.
      Realizing organizations do exist to falsely lead you astray.
      Realizing organizations do exist which influence/signal concepts, emotions, moods, via proven processes is also imperative.

      Without these introspecting qualities this *working group* is a sham.
    • avatar
      Schools should be offering courses in media literacy to teach students to exercise critical judgement when reading and listening to mainstream media reports. Students should be taught to not believe anything they hear in the media unless it is verifiable information. They should also be made aware that powerful people who own and control the media use it to promote their own agendas and usually do not allow alternative views. Of course this would never happen because it would call into question the belief in freedom of the press.
    • FlorianGeyer
      "The second type of theory is based on the idea that the world is controlled by a tight group of Jewish elites, centred in New York City, Jerusalem and some European capitals".

      I would add that the zio-nazis are well entrenched in Britain as well. Most countries in the West are infested with them. Just a look at the names and genealogy of many who rule over us, provide banking and those in the Media shows that they are from the same tribe.

      In Europe Britain has the highest per capita population of 'The chosen few' at 0.45%. Other countries have far less. Whereas the % of the chosen few in positions of power far exceeds the % of the 'chosen ' populations generally.

      I leave it to anyone interested to work out the 'how and why' yourselves. For me to tell you would be a 'conspiracy theory' in their eyes,lol.

    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
      And then you wonder why Thierry Meyssan was almost killed by sarkozy.. Poor government thinking they can control our thoughts.
    • Baybars
      I don't see a problem here. Both of those noted 'theories' are fully expected of a population which is lied to on a daily basis by the very authorities to which the people are supposed to defer.

      All one has to do is look at other world events with a critical eye to see through the manufactured story lines. All of these events have been executed to create an imaginary enemy which would justify new military spending and increased civilian control; 9-11, the Turkish civilian bombings, the Paris shootings, the California shootings, Oklahoma City bombing, the USS Liberty attack, the Gulf of Tonkin lies and the list goes on.

      It is the internet which offers people access to technical, historical and political information sufficient for a critical review of any world event, should the people be so inclinded to look for it. Pray that the French don't mess with unfettered internet access for their people as a result of this.
    • avatar
      oh this ought to be good. I am looking forward to the report published! :)
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      michaelin reply toBaybars(Show commentHide comment)
      Baybars, I'm sure that the net is in their sights. But, as to how practical it is....?
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      The term 'Conspiracy theory' as used is psywar!
      It is either true intelligence or falsified intelligence, that is what should be the terms used. Of course some ideas are totally crazy, but they are always based on some false information and lack of understanding.
    • avatar
      drblack, something like that is exactly in line with my thoughts. The murder of JFK seems to me to be the center case for the beginning of this campaign.
      Jim Garrisons investigation is what gives the real intelligence where the official narrative is totally bunk, besides there was a court ruling that judged that there was at least more than one shooter.

      This should be spread wide and far!
    • avatar
      Hey Vallaud-Belkacem, we know the Charlie Hebdo shootout at the kosher market was a fraud, there were people running through the barrage of fire, so quit your yapping (more, sputniknews.com/columnists/20160201/1034027316/no-freedom-without-truth-roberts.html).

      In a sense everything changed after Sandy Hoax. I defy anybody to watch the "aid seekers" circling through the trees going in and out of the "emergency aid center" and see the media and government the same way (www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1yfJDCMU64). No bodies, no blood, no death certificates, no evidence. The official FBI report for the year even reported zero murders in that county (luckily the FBI hates the other intel agencies, plus this tells us they weren't involved). There's not even any proof Adam Lanza ever existed. The masterminds are spooky lunatics. However at least, from their standpoint, they don't have to look over their shoulders their whole life like the 9/11 high perps do. There's no statute of limitations on murder, but the most they could face would be a few years. So maybe it's logical.
    • avatar
      Randall Lee Hilburn
      I take this as proving the conspiracy theories are completely correct. Else why would the authorities be trying to suppress them. If they were wrong they could easily refute them by presenting the evidence proving them to be so and destroy them out of hand. But obviously they can't so they have to suppress them, thus proving them to be correct. The truth is now so blatantly obvious that their actions amuse me rather than make me angry, except when I see the obvious danger to internet freedom that they pose.
    • Mark Gewiss
      From Reddit collection of best conspiracy theories:

      "That in another realm JFK launches nuclear weapons at the USSR, thus plunging the world into a nuclear apocalypse. When time travel was finally developed the CIA sent an agent back in time to kill JFK before he could launch the nukes."
    • avatar
      Let's look at reality: conspiracies exist. Identifying the conspiracy and who is participating in it is an entirely different question.
      General Wesley Clark, when NATO Commander in Yugoslavia, stated:
      "Let's not forget what the origin of the problem is. There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That's a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states."
      Who is "we", and did anyone ever ask the citizens of the "ethnically pure states" whether they agreed?
      Yet 20 years later, virtually all politicians in all "Western" European countries are saying they are required to be multi-ethnic states? Sarkozy went so far as to say it was an "obligation" to promote interracial breeding.
      No conspiracy here folks, the millions of young non-white males raping young fertile white women is a completely natural occurrence desired by all Europeans.
    • avatar
      maxxusin reply tostemthetide(Show commentHide comment)
      stemthetide, the Pentagon, most American politicians, and the American government work for the forces of globalism, the unipolar world dictatorship aka the NWO, the Neocon World Order. National identity, just like a middle class, is a hindrance that has got to go.
    • avatar
      stemthetidein reply tomaxxus(Show commentHide comment)
      I have understood that for 40+ years, when a now deceased cousin declared it and explained why. He also predicted another civil war, but not in his lifetime.
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