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    Processed Foods May Cause Autoimmune Diseases Researchers

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    A group of German and Israeli scientists have revealed that processed food increases the risk of autoimmune-related diseases, echoing a warning by the World Health Organization that mass-produced foodstuffs can cause cancer if eaten in large quantities.

    Professor Aaron Lerner of the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at Haifa's Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and the Carmel Medical Center and Doctor Torsten Matthias of the Aesku-Kipp Institute in Germany published their analysis recently in the online journal Autoimmunity Reviews.

    The researchers claim that industrialized foodstuffs weaken the intestine's resistance to immunogenic antigens.

    Numerous tests by the pair revealed that the effects of processed food on the intestines and with the resultant autoimmune disease can lead to the development of some 100 illnesses, including type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune hepatitis, Crohn's disease, scleroderma and myesthenia gravis.

    "In recent decades there has been a decrease in incidence of infectious diseases, but at the same time there has been an increase in the incidence of allergic diseases, cancer and autoimmune diseases. Since the weight of genetic changes is insignificant in such a short period, the scientific community is searching for the causes at the environmental level," Lerner said.

    The research was carried out in a laboratory environment without human testing.

    "Control and enforcement agencies such as the FDA stringently supervise the pharmaceutical industry, but the food additive market remains unsupervised enough," said Lerner.

    The Israeli Health Ministry's public health chief Itamar Grotto suggested that the scientists' recommendations for those with a family background of autoimmune diseases to stay away from processed foods is "a matter of jumping to conclusions."

    According to the findings, at least seven common food additives can weaken the body's ability to protect itself:  glucose (sugars), sodium (salt), fat solvents (emulsifiers), organic acids, gluten, microbial transglutaminase (a special enzyme that serves as a food protein "glue") and nanometric particles.

    "We hope this study and similar studies increase awareness about the dangers inherent in industrial food additives and raise awareness about the need for control over them," stated Lerner.


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      teddy j

      all one has to do is walk any street -- and be AWED by the AMOUNT of obese people representing what's wrong with american ''society" -- and its ''we gotta have everything -- and a lot of it" ...

      walking around -- no -- WADDLING around because they are so BIG and HEAVY from processed foods...

      and the skyrocketing health expenses ....

      it these were not human beings -- it's almost an ASSAULT on one's senses to see so much

      "fat" rolling around in human skin.........especially when thinking of so many BILLIONS barely able to eat one proper meal a day elsewhere..or even simple clean water.
    • avatar
      teddy j
      Bob Hoferer, thanks.

      it's impossible for me to judge whether ''big farm" industry is bad or not -- if very large populations need to be fed that in the modern world has had a great shift of ''work-life" that has made food production on the family, then local level near impossible to function in the modern world.

      but one thing seems clear -- that especially on the model of the USA -- in all its aspects really --

      the big food industry production and distribution system - has truly DESTROYED the small , private, family or local cooperative farming life...and with it -- the far healthier and more natural, though perhaps more ''costly" per unit produced way.

      it's sad in its own way. isn't it?

      but it has gotten to the point that even the CHOICE of growing at least some of one's food -- say a vegetable patch in the backyard instead of pretty flowers -- is entering the phase where ''city ordinances" have become more and more repressive --

      and punitive against such ''off-the-grid" efforts by ordinary people, ordinary americans. (and to a large extent because they are just making as much proper use of their little backyards or front yards -- and to help make ends meet by saving money from grocery , such as for FRESH personally cultivated vegetables or a couple of small fruit trees...

      something so HUMANLY NORMAL AND NATURAL...

      and THIS, IMO -- is A SYMBOL IN itself of how the NATURAL HUMAN effort - much of it at its best -- growing plants and vegetables as you are able and willingness --

      is being destroyed by the corporatist american system.
      htat NO ONE is ''allowed to detach from".

      a TRUE fascism. imo.
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      //.. at least seven common food additives can weaken the body's ability to protect itself: sugars, salt, fat solvents, organic acids, gluten, microbial transglutaminase .. and nanometric particles.//

      1- Sugar and salt are not food additives; are not new to body (unless specified).
      2- Sugars added to foods are 100% corn syrup (US), and corns are 100% GMO (US). So the sweeteners in foods are not cane surgar and our body is not familiar with its chemical structure. Calling it “sugar” because its sweet is misleading.
      3- Organic Gluten has been cleared of all accusations and suspicions. Humans have been consuming it for millenia.
      4- They have ignored the additives that come with ingredients, not added at the processing time. Like the growth hormones fed to cows and chickens, and the antibiotics fed to prevent infectious diseases caused by the growth hormones. These in-stock additives will come with raw meat and milk products as well. Such antibiotics will kill intestinal bacteria, which can be the source of many illnesses. A father tested on himself: eating hamburger every day for I forgot how many days, but not longer that a month. And found loss of 40% of flora.
      5- The biggest suspect for modern spread of allergies is GMO foods and of course pollens. We have lost (US) 1/3 of bee colonies due to pollens the bee are not familiar with its chemical structure.

      Why would these top notch scientists so carelessly ignore the role of GMO factor. Israel has banned GMO food products, because “they cannot be kosherized”. However, 100% of packaged foods in the US are kosher, meaning food producers have to pay Rabbis to stamp their products (or they will find their foods spiked with salmonella killing a dozen people and ruin their businesses.) Is it by any chance that the original and biggest GMO food source in the world is Monsanto, and its Jewish?
    • Preterist ADSeventy
      There is no such thing as an "Auto-immune Disease". They should be called Immune Diseases or Immune Disorders or Immune Conditions. One's immune system (white blood cells) just does not decide to turn on one's body like these researchers and doctors say what is happening. Broken blood vessels are the reason for the immune system to attack one's body. A break in a blood vessel allows white blood cells to escape the circulatory system. The white blood cells then attack the nearest body tissue where they have escaped. In the case of Multiple Sclerosis a break in a blood vessel in the Central Nervous System (brain, spinal cord, optic nerve) causes the white blood cells to escape the circulatory system and come in contact with the myelin- the protective fatty coating of nerve cells, much like insulation on a wire. The white blood cells then proceed to attack the myelin and eventually exposing the axon causing a "short circuit" disabling the victim. The problem with all immune-related diseases is that a blood vessel has broken. A leak in the plumbing is what causes the immune system to attack one's body. Before processed foods came into being there were all the immune system related disorders. The additives in processed foods could very well cause a break in a blood vessel creating a immune system disorder.
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