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    Year in Review: Highlights of 2015 (28)
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    When the endless stream of political and economic news becomes too much, why not relax and switch your attention to something more lighthearted like animals for example.

    The stories of friendship and kindness, world records and funny antics – here’s a collection of stories about some of the animals that drew everyone's attention in 2015.

    Diesel and Dobrynya

    Dobrynya, a German Shepherd puppy, was gifted by Russian police officers to their French colleagues to replace Diesel, 7-year-old Belgian Malinois, a member of a French anti-terrorist police unit who was killed during the siege in Saint-Denis that targeted terrorists involved in the Paris attacks.

    Otto the Skateboarding Bulldog

    A French bulldog named Otto set a new Guinness World Record by speeding on his skateboard through a human tunnel comprised of 30 people.

    High-Speed Llama Chase

    This incident occurred in Sun City, Arizona, when two surprisingly agile llamas broke out and made a run for it. It took the authorities about 20 minutes to catch the runaways.

    The Tiger and the Goat

    An unusual occurrence took place in Far Eastern Safari Park in Russia’s Primorsky Territory, as a tiger named Amur refused to eat Timur, a goat given to him as a meal. The two animals continue to be friends to this day.

    One Wooly Sheep

    Chris, a sheep in Canberra, was officially recognized as the woolliest sheep ever recorded by Guinness World Records. The weight of his fleece? 41.1 kilograms!

    Hippo Goes to Town

    Heavy rain that hit the Georgian capital of Tbilisi on June 14 caused a flooding which inflicted serious damage to the city zoo, allowing some of the animals to escape. This hippo was among the runaways, calmly wandering in the city streets and apparently ignoring the pesky bystanders.

    Year in Review: Highlights of 2015 (28)


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