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    Anonymous: Let’s Troll the Hell Out of Those Daeshbags!

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    The hacktivist group Anonymous is bringing a new weapon to the digital battle against notorious terrorists - laughter. The group has called on the people of the Internet to bring their best trolling game against Daesh [also known as ISIL or Islamic State] on December 11, dubbed ‘ISIS [Daesh] Trolling Day’.

    Anonymous announced the operation in a GhostBin post:

    "We ask you to show your support and help against Isis by joining us and trolling them. Do not think you have to be apart of Anonymous, anyone can dothis and does not require any special skills"

    Indeed, some of these are absolutely genious. Well trolled, folks:

    Aside from a general description of the campaign, Anonymous offered helpful hints to enthuseastic, but less skilled trolls, varying from ‘Use #'s that many Isis members use and post mocking photos’ to ‘Post photos of goats while @ing Isis [Daesh] members with captions talking about their wives’. Now, that last idea has already proved to be extremely popular:

    ​The funny version of #opISIS has begun on December 11, and will last all day long on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and even in real life. Several cities in Europe and North America have been named as IRL Daesh trolling destinations. Tweets and posts will have to do for the rest of the world.

    ​And hey, someone even threw a little feminism into the mix:

    ​Here’s a seasonal post for the road:

    #breakingnews #isistrollingday #isis #trollingday #darkhumor #schwarzerhumor #sarcasm #santa #merrychristmas #cnn #daesh

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    Apart from simply annoying the jihadi crowd, the #ISISTrollingDay memes aim at discrediting terrorists in the eyes of troubled youths, their main recruiting targets.

    Daesh [also known as ISIL or Islamic State] is definitely a group that takes itself rather seriously, so who knows, maybe this will indeed take them down a notch?


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