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    Mars and the Sun

    'UFO Drone' Found on Mars is Proof of Ancient Civilization on Red Planet

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    Aliens exist, UFO hunters claimed after a new set of pictures of an identified object, which some said was none other than a UFO drone, were published on YouTube last Sunday, according to Inquisitr.com.

    Although the pictures were first made a few years ago, the new set of pictures is enhanced to provide a more clear view of the unidentified object.

    The pictures, snapped by a NASA Mars rover, show an object that resembles a metallic piece of machinery lying in one of the craters in the Gale Crater region of Mars.

    The photographic evidence shows that the object has an "intelligent design" and is a UFO drone, according to UFO hunter Paranormal Crucible.

    "In my opinion this object is an extraterrestrial drone possibly built by the Indigenous Martian populace or perhaps it was deployed by an off world alien species who were exploring the Martian surface," Paranormal Crucible said, as cited by Inquisitr.com.

    Alright, so Mars was quite possibly home to "Indigenous" aliens or some other aliens sent a reconnaissance drone to scout around the planet. Go on and take a minute to settle these thoughts into your head, because from here theories get even more interesting.

    Other UFO hunters argue that the object isn't a UFO drone, but a piece of a much bigger alien spacecraft.

    Although UFO hunters might disagree on the origin of the unknown object lying on the surface of Mars, they all agree that a long time ago ancient Martians had their own civilization that was destroyed by other hostile aliens who were even more technologically advanced. The hostile aliens showed up to Mars and wiped out the "Indigenous" Martians by bombing the entire planet with a series of powerful thermonuclear devices, according to US physicist Dr. John Brandenburg from the University of California, Inquisitr.com said.


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      What a bunch of moronic dreaming! It gave me a good laugh!!
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      Check Russian experts to explain which Russian rover from the 50's got lost in space. may had collided there. Just because there are parts, doesn't mean they from aliens.
    • AnomicDust
      A certain class of people prefer believing nonsense. But is it newsworthy?
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      Neil McGowan
      This kind of insane yankee-doodle psychobabble explains why the pig-ignorant nation of the USA believes in the "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" in Iraq.

      The dumbest knuckledraggers on earth.
    • MsLiberty
      What do any of us know about the actual history of Mars? What is the source of whatever "information" we have on that planet? Are the things written in journals about Mars based on facts, or imaginary conjecture? Imaginary conjecture and science are not the same thing, nor should they be confused, IOW, just because someone with a science degree says something, it doesn't mean that by default it must be accepted as fact. The written record of Mars says that at one time it was a blue water planet. Planetary probes that photograph and map the surface of Mars show empty basins with smooth bottoms, as well as channels that look much like the erosion caused by flowing water seen on Earth. We see meandering river beds, and even deltas, now that are bone dry. What happened?

      I think you can tell the basins must have been seas at one time, and perhaps not so long ago (geologically speaking) because in those basins, a lack of cratering. The craters only appear in areas outside of the basin areas. The River beds are still in sharp detail, and if the water that was in them stopped flowing "billions and billions" of years ago, then they would be filled in with drifting sand by now. Mars was once a water planet, like Earth, and the geological evidence for this abounds on Mars. But what catastrophe occurred that not only made the water disappear, it stripped the atmosphere or most of it. An atmosphere similar to Earth's would be required to keep water in a liquid state. But what happened that changed all this, leaving behind a dry, lifeless planet we see today? Mars is in orbit as the 4th planet from the sun at the extreme fringe of the "Goldilocks zone." Has this always been true?

      But is Mars actually lifeless? Could it be possible that there were inhabitants of Mars who had enough technology to build DUMBS like we have here to escape to and survive underground sheltered from the inhospitable surface conditions? We don't know. But now we have this picture of an object that is unexpected and completely dissimilar to any of the other objects in the picture. The rover is unprepared to examine it to answer any of our questions. It can only provide a visual record and visually it can be misinterpreted because without context, pictures cause more questions than answers.

      Since we have all these unanswered questions, we have no grounds to scoff at anything. Scoffing before answers is not science, but neither is wild speculation in the absence of facts- both are a hindrance to scientific method. Those of you who now take the opportunity to scoff, can you tell anyone reasonably, how you came to know enough to register such negative comments? You don't have it, therefore neither do you have room to be so dismissive. If you choose to disbelieve anything and everything, that is your decision, but those of us who are looking for answers don't share the conditioned scepticism which as it is, is not informed with fact, serves no purpose other than an elite disinformation agenda and should be kept to yourselves.
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      It must be BAD intelligent design because, it crashed.
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      Mars lost it's atmosphere some time ago, it's present barometric pressure makes standing liquid water boil off into what little atmosphere that is left. Now NASA and I am just assuming here, Russia says that Mars does not have a magnetic field and if that is true that is why there is no atmosphere. With out a magnetic field the solar wind from the sun will strip away a planets atmosphere. Mars was once a blue planet, rich with water and if there is water in a tempered environment, then vegetation and if vegetation then oxygen. It also had, or has a molten core, if the planets core is still molten then the boys at NASA (AKA Never A Straight Answer) have been lying to us.
      Mans known written history only goes back 5000-6000 years, before that we were living in caves, wearing animal skins and hunting with crude spears. Then all of a sudden we built the Egyptian pyramids, we built elaborate stone structures in Central and South America out of garnet with copper tools. I don't want to bend your ear for ever here, but someone came along 5000-6000 years ago, if not longer and help early man build these structures, Puma Punku is a classic example of a structure that required a highly intelligent species to build, early man with out enormous outside help would have been unable to build.
      I am convinced everything we were told for the last 2000+ years has been nothing but lies, concocted stories and fabrications. What we been told has been designed to keep 99.9% of the human race under complete control of the .1%, just don't don't pass this story off as total non-sense, it may be, but it may be true too. I been told enough lies by my government to know not to trust them, just look at the middle east over the last 26 years, Russia is no different, look at what the old Soviets use to do, they doctored pictures and rewrote history to fit there political agendas.
      What I'm saying basically is look at everything with open eyes and a open mind and don't trust politicians at all.
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      The "object" looks very Earth Human.. such as a part connected with a successful or failed attempt of a Martian Mission.. In any case, this "Alien" sort of speculation lessens the credibility of Sputnik News in the minds of at least your average American.. who in turn relegate "Alien/UFO News" to lesser reliable news sources..
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      European American
      Wheel/Rim off a late 50's Cadillac. They were driving in style up there, before they were attacked by aliens.
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      European American
      In all seriousness, NASA is NOT giving the general public the real data they are observing on Mars. The surface of the planet of Mars was inhabited some time ago and the color "red" that we see in all the photos has been photoshopped. It's NOT red up there. Colors very similar to Earth. Most of the photos have been blurred to remove the clear indications of massive ruins/structures. But the malleable mushed minds of the masses are easy to manipulate, so, they believe what they are told/shown and go about their days strung out on gmo junk food, psychotropics, TV and their iphones.
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      As a geologist I have to comment here. This looks like simple speroidal weathering on a sandstone boulder. The even nature of the weathering most likely being caused by varying sediment facies hardness. The banding is quite common in wind blown erosion that we see on earth.
    • White_Eagle1
      If you don't have the artifact in your hands, you cant just say 'its a drone' and be believed...you are NOT looking at it's insides.

      Besides that, as for intelligent beings on Mars, ill go with what Z. Sitchen said, referencing ancient Sumerian writtings, Mars was a stopping point before continuing on to Earth, a way station base so to speak. Either way, it is not ours, off limits to us, inhospitable, and if we send anyone there, if I belive what I 'dreamed' ...they will be 'taken' and not returned.
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      vendorin reply toWhite_Eagle1(Show commentHide comment)
      White_Eagle1, lol, really?
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      vendorin reply totom_m_kirkman(Show commentHide comment)
      tom_m_kirkman, absolutely spot on! Humans want to find an alien life form so desperately by looking in the wrong places.
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