04:55 GMT26 November 2020
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    Everyone loves to play in the snow, but few people see it as a large-scale canvas for art.

    “Snow-tagging,” described by the Weather Network as “mixing snowshoeing with art,” is all the rage in Canada. 

    An acoustic guitar in the snow!
    An acoustic guitar in the snow!

    "By using a GPS, a compass — or even with no help at all — participants draw giant pieces of art on a frozen lake," the Weather Network's Rodrigo Cokting reported.

    I want to ride my...
    I want to ride my...

    Most of the national parks where “snow-tagging” is catching on have a list of pre-approved drawings potential artists can choose from. Visitors may bring their own designs, but the park must approve them in advance.

    Modern art, Snow-tagging style!
    Modern art, Snow-tagging style!

    Though some rather cold US states like Minnesota may have lakes with an appropriate thickness of the ice (a recommended 4 inches), it’s ill advised to try “snow-tagging” on your own; thin ice could turn a work of art into a hypothermic nightmare!

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