01:07 GMT20 October 2020
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    Women suffering from diabetes type 1 face a greater mortality risk than men with the same condition, a study reveals.

    Ekaterina Blinova — Women suffering from diabetes type 1 face a greater risk of dying from a stroke or kidney disease then men with the same condition, according to Australian researchers.

    Researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia analyzed data gathered from almost 200,000 men and women with type 1 diabetes and found that females with the condition have a 40 percent higher chance of death, from any cause, than men.

    In particular, the scientists found out that women suffering from type 1 diabetes are 44 percent more likely to die from kidney disease and twice as likely to die from heart disease, than men with the condition.

    The scientists already knew that individuals suffering from type 1 diabetes typically have shorter life expectancies than a healthy person, however, for the first time the study shows that women face a higher risk of mortality than men who have the condition. The researchers note that women have more problems with insulin management and glycaemic control, which contributes to the higher mortality rate from heart disease. However, more research is needed to find out why women face higher risks, the scientists claim.

    In addition, the study indicates that type 1 diabetes is not linked to a higher risk of dying from cancer in both gender groups.

    Type 1 diabetes is a disease that occurs when a human's immune system destroys insulin-producing cells in the body, leading to increased blood glucose.  In order to survive, an individual suffering from diabetes needs the regular administration of insulin.


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