17:21 GMT06 March 2021
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    New arrivals entering the UK will be required to take two Covid-19 tests as the government seeks to strengthen the country’s borders against new variants of the disease.

    The approach draws upon existing rules that require all travellers must have a negative test from before their departure, with further tests two and eight days into their self-isolation, upon entering Britain.

    London Mayoral Candidate, Winston McKenzie, has shared his view on this approach.

    Sputnik: Should the government have moved quicker and closed the borders last March?

    Winston McKenzie: I can't emphasise what you've just asked me. I can't emphasise it enough. It's common sense. The only way to get rid of this virus is total shutdown - for six weeks. We will be able to see exactly where we're doing, exactly what we want. All the time you've got people coming in from different parts of the world, we're going to have this problem. No sooner do we get out of this lockdown, no sooner will we be back into lockdown again.

    Sputnik: And do the new travel restrictions suggested by the UK Government go far enough in protecting the UK from new COVID variants?

    Winston McKenzie: You just have to shut the borders. It's so simple. There is no point in making restrictions, travel restrictions, quarantining in and out, you have to shut the borders. Many members of the public, politicians, have been screaming for the borders to be shut. Shut the borders down, stop people coming into the country, and you will see some dynamic results. These people just don't seem to get it.

    Sputnik: And can we expect travelling this summer, say summer holidays, to go ahead as expected?

    Winston McKenzie: No, we can't. I'm sorry to announce we can't. We're going to be in the midst of another lockdown unless the borders are shut. The government have to get serious. They're doing it sporadically and it's ruining the country. People need to be told times and dates, if that, when they can get back to their normal lives. If our government cannot see common sense, shut our borders to protect our people, then I'm really sorry for them and I'm sorry for us.

    Sputnik: And regarding the UK's vaccine rollout, we're vaccinating more people per head, is this would you say proof that Brexit has been a success, that we're able to do these things without the hand of the EU holding us back?

    Winston McKenzie: Oh, undoubtedly. Thank god at least we can see that the trials and exertions of getting our country back and becoming, once again becoming, the great country that we are and being able to initiate our own laws, our own rules, and regulations, our own policies is working adequately for us. I mean, I think that's the best thing that has happened to us so far this year, the fact that we are able to make decisions of this calibre when they actually matter.

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