03:02 GMT03 March 2021
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    House Democrats have laid out their vendetta against former President Donald Trump for the entire world to see. Trump stands accused of "incitement of insurrection against the republic he swore to protect”.

    Democrats hold Trump “personally responsible" for the riot at the US Capitol, believing that he committed an “impeachable offense of historic proportions”.

    The vitriolic language being used to condemn Trump has whipped critics and the mainstream media into a whirling dervish intent on seeking blood as the malicious and manufactured impeachment trial looks to damage and destroy his reputation.

    However, with Republicans standing beside their former president, the Democrats' attempt to convict Trump and lead him to the gallows for a public execution and ensure he never runs for office again could be doomed.

    Sputnik spoke with political commentator Mitch William to find out whether or not the potentially dangerous precedent the Democrats are trying to set through this impeachment trial could come back to haunt them one day.

    Sputnik: Republicans will surely ensure that Trump isn't convicted. So is the Democrats' desperate attempt to try and ban him from running for president doomed to failure? What will this mean for them?

    Mitch William: I wouldn't be too sure about it being doomed to failure. A lot of Republicans have turned against Donald Trump in the aftermath of the Capitol Hill incident. 10 Republicans actually voted to impeach Trump for a second time.

    I don't think we can rule out a Democrat victory in the second case of impeachment. I think it's a 50/50 situation.

    Sputnik: Is this vendetta aimed at trying to ruin Trump's reputation by playing it out in public?

    Mitch William: Let's be fair, the Democrats, the media, and the wider establishment have always hated Donald Trump, but they also fear him. The fear has returned. He is a real threat to their ideologies, and could one way or another, he could become an electoral threat once again. I think this is the last stab in the dark at knocking him out completely.

    Sputnik: Is there a danger this trial could perhaps incite Trump supporters?

    Mitch William: Every chance. Trump won the most votes of any sitting president in history. So he's still popular, and I think it's 33% of Americans still believe there was wide-scale voter fraud. And to them, this is a massive deal. And if they can't have their president back now, then they at least want the hope at another chance in four years. If you take that hope away, then America could be heading towards very dark times indeed.

    Sputnik: Could this impeachment trial set a dangerous precedent and potentially come back to haunt the Democrats in the future?

    Mitch William: Well, they are trying to impeach a former president, who was also the first president to be impeached twice. They will leave themselves open to attack from the other side for the next four years due to the precedent they're setting. As the saying goes, it's a double edged sword.

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