23:55 GMT28 November 2020
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    In what is the most hotly contested US presidential campaign in recent memory, the UK like never before is waiting with bated breath, as the votes from the ballot boxes are counted.

    Former London Mayoral candidate, Winston McKenzie, has outlined his thoughts in an interview with Sputnik on why this election has captured the British public’s imagination so much - and how does he expect it to end?

    Sputnik: So has any other US election captured the British public's imagination quite like this one?

    Winston McKenzie: Never before, never before. And I tell you for why because he's an ordinary man. And so many people in the world identify with his attitude. He can communicate.

    Sputnik: What would a Biden or Trump victory mean for Britain?

    Winston McKenzie: We already have a great relationship with Trump. And I believe that if we have to enter into negotiations with anybody else, it would just set us back even further than we are at present. And I don't think Biden is as much of a politician as he thinks he is. And he just simply is not right for us, he is not right for us at all. And the reason he is not right is because we already have so much in common with Trump.

    Sputnik: Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab talked this morning about the special relationship between America and Britain, do you believe this still exists?

    Winston McKenzie: We're going through a very turbulent time in our history. And we need America now more than at any other time in our existence. So the special relationship has to exist, and we have to keep pushing on. And if it doesn't, then we have to reinvent it.

    Sputnik: And as the US election goes down to the wire, how do you expect it to end?

    Winston McKenzie: I want to see Trump control the Senate. I don’t want to see him lose the White House at all. It will end in his favour. He's got all the jurisdiction of the law behind him. He's got everything in his favour. And if there are any problems, he will override them. And I'm not talking out of sheer arrogance. He's got the right people in the right places. He has the law with him. He's won the election. And I don't think it's a bad thing, that he's just turned around and decided to call a halt to the election. If I was him, I'd let it run. Because even if it does go to the Supreme Court, he has all the necessary people in place to come out on top anyway.

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