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    In the upcoming US presidential election, where incumbent President Donald Trump is set to face Democratic rival candidate Joe Biden, the United States is dealing with an ongoing global coronavirus pandemic and nation-wide mass protests against racism and police brutality.

    With only several weeks left before the 3 November presidential election, the contradictions between the Democrats and the Republicans are peaking in the stand-off between Trump and Biden.

    The president faces pressure from Democrats who criticise him for downplaying the threat of the coronavirus pandemic, the state of the country's economy and his response to nationwide anti-racism and anti-police brutality protests.

    Sharing with Sputnik her opinion on the ongoing presidential race, conservative pundit DeAnna Lorraine rolled out her concerns on a possible "chaos and anarchy" that "the left" might cause in America, and advocated Trump policies amid the challenges of his presidency.

    Sputnik: 2 LMPD officers were shot last night as BLM protests erupted again following the Breonna Taylor case verdict. What’s your take on this? How much do these protests affect the President’s campaign so close to the actual election? 

    DeAnna Lorraine: Well, the left - capital “LEFT” - the left is the biggest threat to America and to Western civilization. The left, which, of course includes the Democrats. It includes Black Lives Matter. It includes antifa. They are all organized by the left and they are Marxists, okay? And they don't care about America. In fact, they want to turn America on its head. They want to destroy all American values, American traditions, American way of life. And they want to cause all this civil unrest. They're determined. They're determined to destroy the American dream. And they've become, as you've seen, very dangerous. They are the party responsible for the violent mobs, the rioters. They are the ones fueling the division and the civil unrest and stoking the flames of racial division with Black Lives Matter.

    President Trump wants law and order. President Trump wants to restore sanity and peace to America. But the left, the Democrats want to continue to destroy it. And Black Lives Matter. It's not an innocent group that they claim to be. They're a Marxist organization. They want to destroy the family unit - to traditional family unit. They even state that on their website. They want to destroy American values. They want to turn Black people against white people and usher in Communism.

    We don't want that. President Trump does not want that. Conservatives don't want that. We want the America that we know and love that is united and peaceful. Personally, I think that at first, perhaps the left was turning people against President Trump with the Black Lives Matter movement with all of these events like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. But they overplayed their hand. And I think at this point, people, most Americans can see through this deception. They can see that these are not peaceful protesters. They are not peaceful. They are violent. And they're trying to cause anarchy and chaos in America.

    And it's maybe having them turn more to President Trump, who is adamantly saying over and over that he does not want civil unrest. He wants to - he wants to - bring back law and order and peace in America. What the Democrats and the left and Joe Biden want? They want the disorder and anarchy. So I think in the end, it's going to cause more people to turn and vote for Trump, who they want to feel safer in America. They want law and order. 

    Sputnik: One of your latest tweets mentions leftism as “the only acceptable religion” in the US. Can you elaborate on this? Is conservative ideology bound to become extinct then?

    DeAnna Lorraine: With all this chaos while the left, it was sarcasm, because the left is tyrannical, they are controlling and totalitarian and they only want everyone to think exactly the same. They want people...they want to...like I said before, they're very dangerous at this point, in their Marxist, their anti-American, anti-family, anti-Christian god. They're anti-morals and common sense. And they want full totalitarianism, which has absolutely no place in the United States of America.

    So, they want to extinguish Christian values. They want to extinguish the conservative line of thought. They want to extinguish individual liberty. And they want us to be anti-god atheists and rely on only the government who, you know, to serve us. They will trade in our traditional family and our personal responsibility for the government to help us and to be our parents. That's what they want. And if they had it their way, yes, they would absolutely extinguish all conservative ideology and replace it with liberal marks of ideology, which leads to Communism.

    You know, and they want us dependent on the government. They want no personal liberty. And god, Christian god is a threat to them, just like the traditional nuclear family is a threat to them. Because, you know, when we have traditional families that are healthy and strong, we rely and we get our support from our family. And we become healthy, strong individuals in society. And when we have our faith in god, also a strong faith in god, we rely on god and get our support through him and through our family. And we have strong morals. We're able to contribute positively and be a strong member of society.

    People march past City Hall during a protest against the deaths of Breonna Taylor by Louisville police and George Floyd by Minneapolis police, in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. May 29, 2020
    © REUTERS / Bryan Woolston
    People march past City Hall during a protest against the deaths of Breonna Taylor by Louisville police and George Floyd by Minneapolis police, in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. May 29, 2020

    But when we have weak families, broken families and no faith in god, which is what the left ones move, then we are a broken person typically, and we bring that brokenness to the rest of society and we become...there's many, you know, negative consequences, like we're more likely to drop out of school, more likely to grow up in poverty, more likely to get into the criminal system, go into jail or prison, or more likely to commit violence, more likely to not get a job or commit suicide. And the left wants that because that makes us easy to control and more likely to depend on the government and want Socialism or Communism. 

    I don't know what you see when you go to another country looking at the US. But, it's the left. It's the Democrats. The bigger they've become, very radical. They're trying aggressively to take over America with their ideology, with the conservatives and Trump. We want to preserve America. We want to preserve our Constitution because this is what will come to America, right? They come to America because of our freedom, because of our amazing Constitution. The left wants to destroy all of that and run this fighting, very hard to preserve it. 

    Sputnik: The latest Atlantic’s Barton Gellman report says the US has to be prepared for a constitutional crisis between November 3 and the inauguration in January. The report also claims the Trump campaign has been discussing “contingency plans to bypass the election results and appoint local electors in battleground states where Republicans hold the legislative majority.” Do you think this can actually be the case?

    DeAnna Lorraine: Any talk about him bypassing the system is false. President Trump is a "constitutionalist". He follows the Constitution 100 percent. And he wants to preserve the election process and the integrity of the election process to prevent cheating. As you can probably tell, the left Democrats, they're trying very hard to cheat and steal this election because they're desperate and they know that a lot of people are going to be voting for President Trump.

    So they're trying to push mail-in ballots and they're going to send many mail-in ballots. They're trying to pay off criminals and felons and their debts so that they can get to vote. They're trying to get illegal immigrants to come and vote. They're trying to count people twice for voting. They're trying to do everything possible to cheat and steal this election.

    A voter drops ballots for the March 3 Super Tuesday primary into a mobile voting mail box in Laguna Woods, California, U.S., February 24, 2020. Picture taken February 24, 2020.
    © REUTERS / Mike Blake
    A voter drops ballots for the March 3 Super Tuesday primary into a mobile voting mail box in Laguna Woods, California, U.S., February 24, 2020. Picture taken February 24, 2020.

    So your not even saying now, some judges are saying, that they want to extend the election counting process, which is completely against the Constitution. President Trump is trying to preserve the integrity of the process and maybe have people oversee it to make sure that there is no cheating... from the left... but he is not doing anything, that is outside of the Constitution. And that's... and that's a fact. 

    Sputnik: Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives yesterday introduced an expansive reform package to curb presidential abuses and enhance Congress’s ability to provide oversight and maintain the rule of law, which they argue President Donald Trump has repeatedly ignored while in office. Nancy Pelosi claimed that the Protecting Our Democracy Act would blunt Trump’s “staggering litany of abuses and ensure they can never happen again by anyone.” What can you say about the timing of these measures?

    DeAnna Lorraine: I would say whatever the left, and Nancy Pelosi especially, says that they're doing or proposing as a means to protect integrity or prevent President Trump from abusing any powers, quote, unquote. It's a fraud. It's a lie. It's deception. It's all for the purpose of covering their own misuse of power. President Trump from the beginning has always followed the Constitution and he's always tried to give the power back to the people. There's clearly fake news out there who consistently smear President Trump and villainize him and pretend that he is a dictator or that he's a tyrant. That couldn't be further from the truth.

    President Trump is probably the most fair and honest president. This is why he has so much support, actually, because he is fair and honest and he is against useless wars. He has done many things that typically a Republican president hasn't done because he believes in fairness and honesty and justice. So Nancy Pelosi and the left, they constantly pretend that he is a dictator when really they are the ones that are the dictators.

    They are the ones that are abusing of power constantly, and they lie and deceive the American people. So this protecting our democracy act, it's only for the purpose of trying to cripple President Trump's ability to stop them and their misuse of power. 

    Sputnik: You described your experience fighting Pelosi in your book “Taking Back America”. Could you describe your main impression of what happened at the time? What did you write about in your book? What do you mean by the title of your book, “Taking Back America”?

    DeAnna Lorraine: I wrote about the book because I ended my campaign against her in March. I lost my [sic] primary election to a radical Socialist. And so now it's just him, his name is Shaheed Batar, running against Nancy Pelosi in the general election. So I lost the race. I had to back down. And then immediately after that, the coronavirus hit and and swept through the nation.

    So a book publishing company approached me and they asked me if I would like to write a book about my experience running against Nancy Pelosi and my platform. And I didn't want to at first. And then I realized, the more that I was locked down, in quarantine, and didn't have anything else to do, I thought this would be a good idea. This would be a good time to write a book, about my experience while it's fresh in my mind. So I wrote about my experience in my book “Taking Back America - Campaign Secrets I Learned Fighting Nancy Pelosi and the Swamp". And it was a very difficult campaign. And it's, it was, a really bold idea to decide to throw myself in the fire and run for Congress, especially against the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. 

    But I did it because I care so much about America and, who I care so much about, preserving America, the Constitution that I know, and love. And Nancy Pelosi and the left, they want to destroy it. They're, sort of, trying so hard, to destroy it. 

    I went out of my comfort zone and I ran against Nancy Pelosi. It was difficult. It was challenging, you know, they smeared me. They tried to attack me. And what was interesting, too, is that I also ran against another so-called Republican and he was what we call a “rhino”, a 'Republican-in-name-only'. That's what it stands for. And it means, basically, like, a fake Republican, someone who pretends they're Republican, but really is more like a Democrat. And they're not really concerned with conservative values or Christian values. So I found that him [sic] and his team really spent their whole campaign attacking me, smearing me in the media, making up lies about me. And I was fighting this the whole time. So it was really hard, with all of the attacks that I got. But it was worth it. And I did some very bold and unconventional things to draw attention to my campaign and to raise awareness, for instance, I flew a big, huge, 80 foot by 25 foot banner in the sky, flown by a plane, that said “Pelosi for prison”.

    U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) speaks among 20,000 American flags representing the 200,000 lives lost in the United States in the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic on the National Mall in Washington, U.S., September 22, 2020.

    And I flew that in Nancy Pelosi's district in San Francisco for several days. Everyone loved it, but it also made the liberal's heads explode. They were so triggered by it. So it was, it was, I did a lot of things to raise awareness for the campaign, and I worked with the homelessness [sic] on the streets and interviewed them, so many times. I brought food to them. I interviewed everyone, and talked to everybody, to see what the real problems were in Nancy Pelosi's district and why she cares so much about impeaching the president, who's done a great job, instead of working and fixing the problems in her own backyard.

    It was a lot of things that happened in the campaign. There was good. There was bad. There was ugly. And I write all about it in my book. But I also write about how to be a fearless warrior, to take back America, because that's the second part of the book. But this second thing that we need to do right now, I want to train and equip people with the skills and the information to run for political office and put themselves out there, make a difference in America, or to be a more bold, outspoken activist to take back America. We need more bold people who are going to help fight to preserve America and who are going to fight against the left and who are going to be real patriots in office. 

    Sputnik: The Democrats have been using the mainstream media extensively as a tool throughout this campaign as well as the previous one… from an outsider’s point of view it must be working, is it?

    DeAnna Lorraine: I think that it is working to a certain extent. You know, they use the media and everyone, even some other countries, believe the media. It's amazing how they believe everything that CNN says or the MSNBC says. It seems like they believe it. Most of it. And that's a very unfortunate thing, because President Trump is doing a very good job. He's much more honest, much more truthful and more authentic than most people realize, from when they look out from other countries, or they just watch CNN. But when they actually watch Trump's full speeches or full  rallies, and they see him without the editing of CNN and clips, they will see his heart and his compassion, his passion for America. They will see his honesty and they will see how the media spins and lies everything, about everything, he says.

    So do I think it's effective? Yes, to a certain point. A lot of people have been gullible and bought into the lies. But right now, especially the last few months, I do think a lot of people are waking up to the lies of our media. And I think they're finally seeing especially how much the leading media pretends and lies about the protesters, and Black Lives Matter, kind of peaceful protesters when there's fires burning in the background, for instance. And when, you know, they're calling out, they're saying, coronavirus is so deadly, but yet they're saying everybody should go out in crowds and protest for Black Lives Matter. So many [sic] lies and misinformation that they're spreading around coronavirus. I think people, and then, of course, every single thing that the president does is wrong, according to the media. They blame Trump for everything. People are finally waking up the last few months and seeing that, you know, the media is completely out of control.

    They lie about everything. And they are waking up and coming over to see President Trump for the person who he is. He is not perfect. He makes mistakes. He has some flaws. He can be rough around the edges or not say the best things. But they would rather have a person who is real than someone like Joe Biden who is fake. He is a puppet for Marxism. And he just reads off a teleprompter. And he isn't real at all. He's completely dishonest. And I think people are seeing that more and more now. 

    Sputnik: Another MSM trend for the Dems is to blame Russia – we have already seen reports that Vladimir Putin is meddling in the upcoming vote – apparently this time the Kremlin was behind an anti-Biden disinformation campaign. Are Americans buying this at all?

    DeAnna Lorraine: I don't know how you feel in Russia, but to most conservatives, we are completely sick and tired of it. We think it's ridiculous. The media makes Putin out to be this horrible man. They make Russia out to be blamed for everything wrong. We don't buy that at all. Anyone that has any sanity or or logic...to see...that the media is lying about it, that Russia is not to blame for these things and that Putin is not to blame and Putin isn't this monster. If you study Putin at all or if you watch him, you know, he cares about his country very much. And he's a strong leader. He's smart. And we don't, we don't, see him as that monster. Like, the media is trying, very hard, to paint him out, to me. A lot of the Democrats believe [...] this lie at first. But again, I think the media is too desperate and overplaying their hand. 

    And, I think, in the last year or two, we've seen a lot more Democrats and independents also wake up to these lies about Russia and Putin and see that they're not true. You know, they're just not true. And I don't think they're going to fall for it again with the media trying to pretend that Russia is to blame for this election. I don't think they're going to fall for it or we're...far less people...will fall for it this time than last time. 

    Sputnik: The first presidential debate in set for September 29. What do you expect to come out of it?

    DeAnna Lorraine: We expect it's going to be really tough for Joe Biden because Joe Biden has been delaying postponing this campaign and these debates for so long. Joe Biden has a very, very short energy span. He's always falling asleep. He needs to read off a teleprompter. And President Trump has a lot of energy. He does rallies every single day in big places for two hours each. So I think we're going to see President Trump be very energetic and loud. And we're gonna see president - or former vice president - Biden, a very sleepy, low, energetic... 

    And Joe Biden, I think, is not going to do well. And President Trump, I think, is going to do better if he really studies his facts and information and recites policies backed up, and claims backed up, by good evidence. 

    If President Trump goes to the debate and just name calls president - or vice president - Joe Biden, if he just, you know, calls him names, and calls him low energy, and makes wild claims without any facts or evidence, then it could be bad for President Trump. You know, and Joe Biden, could win these debates. But, hopefully, Trump comes armed with high energy and good information and supportive evidence, so he could back up his claims, with facts. And Joe Biden will be very sleepy and low energy and people will see that the difference of someone who is high energy and fit for the job, is a president versus someone who is just a puppet for the Democrats and the Marxist agenda. And he is just falling asleep and, and, can't even talk without a teleprompter.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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