02:28 GMT11 May 2021
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    Eight British logistics organisations have written to the Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove, warning that the UK-EU supply chain "will be severely disrupted" from January, if border issues are not resolved by the end of the Brexit transition period.

    Political commentator Mitch William has shared his views on the matter.

    Sputnik: How would you evaluate the UK's border preparations? Has the UK government done enough or are commentators right to warn and label said plans as a disaster?

    Mitch William: British customs and logistics associations are demanding urgent talks with the Chancellor [Rishi Sunak] and Michael Gove. These associations have warned that Brexit preparations are inadequate and as a result, we may face severe supply chain disruptions. Either way, things are going to change as an effect on the 31st of December, the UK will leave with or without a deal. I think no matter how prepared you are for each scenario, inevitably, there'll be a few natural teething problems that we'll need to improvise and overcome. However, short term disruption for overall long-term benefit is definitely worth it.

    Sputnik: We'll look at a no deal in a second but Mitch, are you confident that the government is doing everything it can to deliver the Brexit that the British people voted for and has Brexit become a minor issue in the eyes of the government?

    Mitch William: Well, I think COVID-19 certainly dwarfs the Brexit story in the news but I don't think it's being viewed as a minor issue - at worst I think it became as issue number two but a close number two. The government appear to be standing firm and I'm fairly confident that Boris Johnson will deliver the Brexit that the people voted for regarding immigration and mainly global trade.

    Sputnik: Okay, on a final point, going back to that no deal question, what problems and challenges should the government be focused on regarding Brexit as we continue? Should Britain leave on a no deal following these continued disagreements with Brussels, seventh round of negotiations, and just a general difficulty on agreeing on anything?

    Mitch William: The main problem is the UK Government should focus on as a transition to becoming a sovereign nation, border disruption and overall changes to daily trade with the European Union. Doesn't matter how prepared the UK government is, it's inevitable that there will be bumps along the road and what's important is that we're prepared those said bumps as quickly as possible.

    The talks do appear to be stalling. The European Union is on the front as the United Kingdom. I think the UK government is right not to sign up to the so-called level playing field which would bind the UK to follow in EU rules and regulations. Brexit is not about the EU dictating policy for the UK, it's about the UK setting sail to a global future, and if the EU failed to compromise, we should simply cut our losses and walk away. It's simple, no deal.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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