14:52 GMT09 May 2021
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    European countries have pledged to raise £6.6 billion in a bid to help accelerate the process of finding a coronavirus vaccine. The UK will contribute £388 million to the cause. The UN has repeatedly outlined that the pandemic can only be ended, should an effective vaccine be developed and mass produced.

    Political commentator Graham Eardley gave his views on whether countries throughout the world could be forced to enter into lockdowns once again, should a second infection spike occur.

    Sputnik: Can the coronavirus really be defeated until a vaccine is produced?

    Graham Eardley: There are one or two treatments on the market as it were, to help ease the situation of the coronavirus, and also it’s interesting to note that Italy, which was the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak in Europe, has also started to ease restrictions now.

    Sputnik: Should the coronavirus vaccines be made compulsory?

    Graham Eardley: From what I have read, it seems that you need to have at least 60 percent coverage of a vaccine, the same with the mobile app as well, so you need to have 60 percent coverage for it to take some sort of effect within the population. I don’t think that compulsion should be necessary, but education of the population definitely should be.

    Sputnik: When will the UK’s coronavirus lockdown be loosened?

    Graham Eardley: From what I am able to glean, I would urge a partial lifting of the lockdown, and it looks like this Thursday, that the British Government are going to announce measures to release the lockdown even further.

    I can’t see why, for instance, garden centres aren’t open. Social distancing could be quite easily maintained in garden centres, which are primarily large enough to keep two metres apart, as long as you limit the amount of people that are in the garden centre.

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