19:07 GMT29 March 2020
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    Voting in the Labour leadership contest has officially got underway. But does the party really have a chance of returning to Number Ten Downing Street any time soon?

    The former London Mayoral candidate Winston McKenzie shares his views on the matter.  

    Sputnik: Does the Labour Party have any chance of returning into Number Ten Downing Street any time soon?

    Winston McKenzie: Labour are no longer relevant. Sir Keir Starmer was the orchestrator of the crowd, they were the remain crowd, and that man sought to divide this country, he is the interpreter of Labour’s disaster, their disastrous General Election.

    How is Sir Keir Starmer in the lead? Come to think of it; which one of them can you really put forward as a leader? They are in dire straits, and as much as I am not a fan of the Tories, I can see them being in government for a long time, hence the reason why Boris Johnson is taking so many liberties; I just can’t see anyone who has what it takes to step up and be a leader.

    Sputnik: Should Labour revamp their policies in order to become electable once again?

    Winston McKenzie: They are not the Labour that people knew, they are simply not the left-wing party that people knew, the centre-left they came to, and now they are going more and more towards the centre-right, and they just do not know where they are going.

    This Momentum group that has come into the party has been a poison, people are looking for the old Labour, and where they used to be. I’m not saying “let’s go back to the old cloth capped Labour”, politics in this country has evolved since then, and the little girls and boys that they’ve got coming through right now, the likes of Rebecca Long-Bailey, for goodness sake, she acts like she’s just got out of kindergarten, it’s terrible.

    Jeremy Corbyn at House of Commons During PMQs 12 February 2020 no 2
    Jeremy Corbyn at House of Commons During PMQs 12 February 2020 no 2

    Sputnik: Should Corbyn accept a backbencher role after he resigns as Labour leader?

    Winston McKenzie: Corbyn is tired, but in all honesty, he is all they’ve got really, and in my simple and humble opinion Corbyn should remain Labour leader, as there is no one of any worth right now in the party who could replace him.

    Of course, you’ve got strong MPs; Dawn Butler springs to mind but she’s not a leader, and dare I say it David Lammy is there, he’s been around for some time now, but really and truly he does not look like leadership material to me, so I think for the time being Corbyn is all the Labour Party have got.

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