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    WTO Rules Brexit 'Still Possible' if Boris Johnson’s Divorce Bill not Passed – Politician

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    Ambassadors from the EU are deliberating over how long Article Fifty could be extended after a torrid week for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, after his attempt to fast track his revamped Brexit deal was rejected by opposition MPs.

    Johnson has called for a general election to be held in December in exchange for granting parliament more time to scrutinise his EU divorce bill. But would a general election necessarily end the UK’s political deadlock? And is the motion even likely to be approved in the House of Commons? Dr Teck Khong, leader of the Compass Party, offers his views on the matter.

    Sputnik: Will the UK leave the EU on October the 31st? Or do you see the EU granting another extension to Article Fifty?

    Dr Teck Khong: The EU as it stands hasn’t decided on the extension. Now if there’s no extension and Boris Johnson’s deal is not passed, then come October the 31st the UK will leave the EU under WTO terms.

    If the extension is granted; and we go into a debate about Boris Johnson’s deal; which is very toxic isn’t it? Northern Ireland is going to be penalised by EU type VAT, and that’s a big difference between what people pay in the mainland UK compared to Northern Ireland, I can’t see how the DUP would support that.

    If the opposition were foolhardy enough to pass the deal; they would be slaughtered at the next general election, but I don’t think they would dare, so in the extension, if we debate it, I doubt very much that the deal would pass because I personally think it was designed to be flawed.

    Moreover, the transition period during which ECJ rules and all sorts of other things would actually prohibit us from doing deals, and the deals could be modified in such a way that the EU could prolong the embargo period in which we the UK, could negotiate separate deals with the rest of the world, and that would severely prejudice our economic prospects going forward, so I cannot see how even the most foolhardy remaniacs would want to pass the deal. I could be wrong, but if they pass the deal; they would be slaughtered at the general election.

    Sputnik: Has the Labour Party blown its chances of victory in the next general election by having an unclear Brexit policy?

    Dr Teck Khong: They’ve been oscillating between supporting and not supporting, and I think they’ve made a hash of it with this Benn Act and everything else, they are really in the bad books, so whether they change leader or not; I think that at this point in time it’s quite a material thing, Labour has damaged its electoral prospects going forward.

    Sputnik: Does the British parliament need reform in order to avoid future political deadlock?

    Dr Teck Khong: That’s a parliamentary mystery, why has the parliament become so fractious? I really don’t understand. I think we as the United Kingdom have very bright prospects going forward, there are a lot of countries wanting to strike deals with us, we should have more confidence in our own ability to govern ourselves and go forward in this big world.

    I think that a deal will not pass and on the 31st of October, we will leave under WTO rules and I’m entirely happy with that, and I don’t think the remain voting public would not see sense in that; ultimately it is for the good of the country.

    There are lots of things to sort out, we need to look at the Fixed-Term Parliament Act, right down to the selection of our parliamentary candidates; the parliament should be a legislature to decide the best policies for the country, not to decide between whether we want to remain sovereign or be subsumed under a foreign federation.

    I don’t have a problem if there are firm debates in parliament very robustly arguing what is the best policy to serve the country, but every Member of Parliament should be a patriot, there should be no distinction.

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