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    Disgraced jihadi bride Shamima Begum, who traveled to Syria to join Daesh*, will launch an appeal against a decision by the UK government to revoke her British citizenship.

    Political commentator Katie Hopkins shared her views on Shamima Begum's call for UK authorities to reconsider their decision to revoke her British citizenship.

    Sputnik: Will Shamima Begum be allowed back into the UK?

    Katie Hopkins: She went out to be a jihadi bride and so if she does that, she’s basically going against the UK, she’s a traitor to the UK. We sent our service personnel over to Syria to fight against Daesh* and we lost some of our good soldiers out there, so, if I was a mother of a soldier, this idea that we are going to take back someone who was actively working against this country is beyond belief.

    The thing that really grips me about this court case that she has to appeal so that she’ll be allowed back into the UK, is that she’s been granted legal aid for this, she’s been granted British tax payer money in order to try and get herself back into this country having actively fought against us; I think that’s morally abhorrent when Manchester victims for example of the terror attack weren’t allowed legal aid for themselves, so we don’t give legal aid to the victims of terror, but we give legal aid to terrorists or those supporting them.

    Her legal team are allegedly claiming that they are going to say that she was raped, but if you get married under Islamic law; then you are not allowed to say no to your husband, whereas now, of course, she’s going to try and fight this under British law because it suits her and now she says she’s been raped.

    The whole thing is probably one of those horrific and farcical cases, where you’ve got this horrible feeling that it’s going to end up with Shamima Begum being allowed to stay in the UK, and I think that’s why her legal team are campaigning so hard to get her over here to provide evidence, because they know that once they get her over here into this country, probably they can keep her here.

    This undated photo released by the Metropolitan Police of London, shows Shamima Begum, a young British woman who went to Syria to join the Islamic State group and now wants to return to Britain
    © AP Photo / Metropolitan Police of London
    This undated photo released by the Metropolitan Police of London, shows Shamima Begum, a young British woman who went to Syria to join the Islamic State group and now wants to return to Britain

    Sputnik: Why do some on the political left seem to be in favour of repatriating potentially dangerous individuals?

    Katie Hopkins: It’s really odd and hard for people to get their heads around. How have we got a whole bunch of people in this nation who seem so ignorant to what is normal or common sense, it’s obvious to the man in the street or the lady working in the checkout at the local supermarket that if someone goes and works against us; you don’t let them back in to the country.

    We have this whole battalion of individuals who are determined to do anything that is against the nation, anything that smacks of globalism and one world and everyone being able to be everywhere they are supportive of, anything that’s standing up for our country, strong borders, patriotic pride, national fervour, they are against.

    It doesn’t matter what the specific argument is and in this case it’s Shamima Begum; the right answer for them is always going to be the globalist perspective and on the side of those who say things like “ I’ve got a baby, I’ve been raped and now I’ve got to receive sympathy and compassion”, they are never on the side of proud nationalists and I think that’s why there is an increasing sense in this country that there is a real void for a political party that would truly represent national ideals, like we’ve seen in other countries like Italy, Poland and Hungary.

    Sputnik: Would a Jeremy Corbyn-led government pose a threat to national security?

    Katie Hopkins: The good thing about the 'Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister' argument is that I just cannot believe it’s ever going to happen, it feels like it will never happen, not only because he’s clearly a risk to the nation, not only because I think British people in the street find him abhorrent, but even individuals within his own party; someone left the other day because they said he was a danger to Britain, somebody inside the Labour Party left.

    One of Labour’s latest parliamentary candidates has just posted something morally abhorrent against Israel, so you know, the idea that we are going to have a terrorist-supporting, pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas type individual inside Number Ten Downing Street I think is probably farcical at this stage, I honestly can’t see it happening.

    Having said that; in the madness of current politics who knows what could happen? I think the country could unify by the idea of never having Jeremy Corbyn in at Number Ten.

    *Daesh (also known as ISIS/ISIL/IS) is a terrorist group banned in Russia

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