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    Pro-Brexit and anti-Brexit campaigners protest outside the Cabinet Office in London, Britain August 29, 2019

    Bercow is Destroying Credibility of House Speaker Role – UKIP Member

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    Speaker of the UK House of Commons John Bercow has stated that Parliament may have to be creative, should Prime Minister Boris Johnson try to circumvent the law in place that could potentially block a no-deal departure from the EU.

    The bill, which was passed before Johnson suspended Parliament, stipulates that the prime minister must either get a no-deal Brexit, or a revamped withdrawal treaty approved by his fellow MPs, or ask Brussels for a further extension of Article 50 - this time until the 31 January 2020.

    Is this an example of Bercow tarnishing his role in Parliament? UKIP's John Whitby explained the gravity of the conflict over Brexit in the House of Commons.

    Sputnik: Has John Bercow undermined the position of House speaker?

    John Whitby: I don't think he’s undermining it, I think he's destroying it altogether. He's spent the last three years effectively bending parliamentary regulations to suit whatever it was he particularly wanted, and now he's complaining when Boris Johnson uses a similar, completely legal parliamentary procedure to do what he wants to do, and that which the majority of people in this country voted for a couple of years ago.

    Sputnik: Will the UK leave the EU by the October Brexit deadline?

    John Whitby: If he can, Johnson will take us out on 31 October, but the biggest problem that we have is that the makeup of Parliament and their views on Brexit do not mirror that of the UK.

    Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow speaks in Parliament in London, Britain, September 9, 2019, in this still image taken from Parliament TV footage
    © REUTERS / Parliament TV
    Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow speaks in Parliament in London, Britain, September 9, 2019, in this still image taken from Parliament TV footage

    Sputnik: Could Jeremy Corbyn win the next general election?

    John Whitby: I don't think Corbyn has any real hope whatsoever of winning, and I would say that it would be horrendous for this country should he win and that's not just on the Brexit side of things. I think a lot of it will depend on how sensibly the Leave side of the argument is prepared to work together or not.

    We have seen in by-elections recently, where the Remain camp has supported a single candidate and that has given them the edge; unfortunately, you tend to have two, three or four Leave candidates, and that splits the leave vote considerably, and I think that that's something the Leave side needs to very seriously consider in the event of a general election.

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