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    Brexit: UKIP’s Stance Would be to Ignore Issue of Deal and Simply Leave – Party's Scotland Leader

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    Former British Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond has claimed that new Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s demands to the EU are unreasonable, and could wreck any chance of obtaining a new Brexit deal with the bloc. UKIP Scotland leader Donald MacKay has spoken on wether it is possible that the UK will face general election over Brexit deadlock.

    Sputnik: Do you believe that Boris Johnson’s demands to the EU are unreasonable, as Philip Hammond claims?

    Donald Mackay: I don’t agree with it, I think that the deal is irrelevant and I would say that we should leave and that the people who wish to stay in the EU are putting as many obstacles as possible to try and prevent Brexit.

    They are predicting doom and gloom and that a deal is essential; I don’t think a deal is essential at all, I think that we should repeal the European Communities Act of 1972, and we leave.

    Sputnik: Will the pro remain MPs be successful in their attempt to block a no deal Brexit?

    Donald Mackay: I think there are enough of them to stop Brexit, which is the whole objective of this exercise. The whole idea that we can’t leave without a deal is just a charade, it’s just a cover, a cloak to try and ensure that we stay in the EU.

    Clearly the EU will not give us a deal, and if we can’t leave without a deal, then the only end result is that we stay in, which what they want, so that’s why UKIP’s position as a party would be to ignore the issue of a deal and simply leave, arrange any deal you like after you’ve left.

    Sputnik: How would the issue of Brexit be resolved should a no deal Brexit be blocked in parliament?

    Donald Mackay: I think we’re heading towards a general election, and the whole business of Brexit will clearly be a significant feature of that and Boris Johnson will either be sort of returned with a majority of MPs to get Brexit through, or if Brexit has lost its appeal; then that would be the end of his tenure.

    There’s high stakes here, but I’m not one hundred percent persuaded that Boris Johnson actually wants to leave, I’m not persuaded that any of the Conservative leadership wants to.

    We’ve seen these movies before, and that’s the problem with getting older, we’ve seen the Conservative Party pretend that they want to leave the EU, and we never do.

    I remember Maastricht all these years ago, the treachery of John Major; who presented himself as a Eurosceptic but he was nothing of the sort, so we are kind of seeing the re-runs of old films and I would suspect that all they need to keep doing is talk about having a deal, but never actually getting it, constantly talking about something that’s never actually going to happen.

    That’s one of the reasons why people like myself don’t regard the Conservative Party as the party to take us out of the EU.

    Views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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