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    There's Obviously a Bigger Agenda to Stop Boris Johnson - Ex-London Mayoral Candidate

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    As political tensions in the UK run high amid the Conservative leadership race, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has slammed Boris Johnson over a reported domestic incident involving the ex-London mayor’s partner Carrie Symonds. Meanwhile the Tory frontrunner has kept silent on the issue and said he’ll skip the debate with his rival Hunt on Tuesday.

    Winston McKenzie, Former London Mayoral Candidate, has weighed in on the ongoing leadership fight in the Conservative party and outlined his views on whether Boris Johnson is the right candidate for the Prime Minister post.

    Sputnik: So first of all, I just want to know what is your opinion on the entire Tory leadership race? How do you think it's played out?

    Winston McKenzie: What it's been is very negative. And really, in all honesty, the general public trust neither of them. We don't trust any of them to take us out of the European Union. Boris Johnson is the obvious choice, he's the best of a bad bunch. I don't think Jeremy Hunt has the wherewithal to take us out of the European Union. None of them do. And it's a sad state of affairs. Because, you know, I remember back in '64, when Dr. Martin Luther King always said, you know, too much analysis breeds paralysis. And this country is in a state of paralysis.

    I don't think until the likes of the Brexit party come to office that we will be free from the EU. It's very depressing, really, because I can't see a single politician, other than the likes of Farage and the Brexit Party, well Farage in particular, an individual that will take us out of the EU, and this country deserves better than that.

    Sputnik: It is true that neither of these men seem in a good position to lead the country out of Brexit, they both seem to flip flop on their ideas quite a lot. With Boris Johnson specifically, we've seen the media really build him up as a candidate over the last few years. However, this weekend, it has taken a turn since the domestic incident within his household. What do you think of the media's u-turn on Boris Johnson?

    Winston McKenzie: Oh, that's appalling what they're doing. There's obviously a bigger agenda, a higher agenda to stop Boris. I can't put it into words just how appalling the media take on his matrimonial affairs are. It's just so pathetic, it really is. Most of the British public know that relationships go up and down, people have god knows what else. But to castigate a politician for his home life - I'm mystified. I can't, maybe these guys have missed something in their life. You know, maybe that missed out on life.

    Sputnik: Do you think it's going to affect his chances because he seems rather bulletproof at this point.

    Winston McKenzie: No, the Tory faithful will see him all right. Boris Johnson will become Prime Minister. He's a Trump figure. He's a Donald Trump figure, and I'm not a Trump hater. And you know, it doesn't matter what you do in life, you're just destined for a certain position and nothing can stop you. Boris is one of these Teflon people, you know, he'll make it to number 10.

    Sputnik: Okay. And during the leadership debate, the one thing that the candidates could all agree on was that none of them want a general election, maybe for fear of the Labour Party or maybe for fear of the Brexit party. When do you envision the next general election happening?

    Winston McKenzie: They're going to be forced into a general election anytime soon, within the next six months there'll be a general election. Boris Johnson will become Prime Minister of this country. Less than six months after his tenure, maybe three months, there will be a general election on his office. The Tory faithful, when I say Tory faithful there aren't any, but the same people who voted him in will want him out: there be Mutiny on the Bounty. A general election in my old, my humble opinion, a general election will be called within six months of his tenure and this country will be upside down.

    We are in a state of acute depression. It's going to be interesting to see how it all pans out in the next six months. It's exciting, it's unprecedented, and it's something we really we have to all look forward to.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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