18:32 GMT20 February 2020
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    Ruth Davidson has hit out at her SNP equivalent Nicola sturgeon, over her plans to hold a second Scottish independence referendum. But just how likely is it that a second vote could be called, given the fact that Scotland was staunchly anti-Brexit? Sputnik spoke with Political commentator Joe McGregor for more.

    Sputnik: Should SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon call for a second Scottish independence referendum?

    Joe McGregor: I think her case would be stronger if she had a majority, but I do believe that there is a groundswell looking for another independence referendum, especially when you see what’s happening in Westminster over the past there years, it feels as if it’s been an eternity, and now we have another leadership election so somebody is going to be elected in a country that hasn’t voted for them, to take us into the mess that is Brexit.

    I just feel as if Scotland would be much better governed by itself, as opposed to being governed by what is essentially a laughing stock worldwide.

    Sputnik: If Westminster does not grant Scotland another independence referendum but held one anyway; do you see a situation similar to what happened in Catalonia unfolding in the UK?

    Joe McGregor: It’s a strange situation to think that we would end up like that, however; at times I believe that something like that has to happen, although unfortunately I don’t think it will, and hopefully it won’t because nobody wants to take up arms to gain their freedom in this day and age, martial law doesn’t work, that sort of politics very rarely works.

    However; it’s kind of like you’re being bullied, as Westminster says “we have you a vote years ago, everybody said no and that’s it, so you do what we tell you.”

    It’s not going to be good for Scotland, and I really don’t think that ending up the way Catalonia has is going to be good for Scotland either, it’s a very tough situation, but I really do think that the only future for Scotland is to gain its independence; how we do it is up in the air just now.

    Sputnik: Do you think that if Boris Johnson became Prime Minister, it would be detrimental to Scotland and the UK as a whole?

    Joe McGregor: I think Boris Johnson would be a disaster.

    To quote somebody; he looks like an unmade bed with a brain injury, and I’ve never heard a policy from the man, and I shudder to think what this country would end up like if he had control of it.

    Will it urge people to vote for independence? I thought that would happen when the outcome of Brexit and the world we now live in, would urge everybody towards it,  and it doesn’t seem to have, so I don’t know how desperate things have to get until everybody realise, hang on a second; we’d be better off well away from this.

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