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    Britain's Queen Elizabeth speaks to U.S President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump as they view U.S memorabilia from the Royal Collection, at Buckingham Palace, London, Monday, June 3, 2019

    Trump Believes Johnson and Farage Will Lead UK out of EU, Weaken Bloc - Analyst

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    US President Donald Trump has criticised London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, calling the politicians “a negative force” during his press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday.

    Trump said that he had decided not to meet with Corbyn, who criticised the US leader ahead of his visit and declined to take part in the Buckingham Palace banquet in honour of Trump. The US president told reporters: "I think that he is, from where I come from, somewhat of a negative force. I think people should look to do things correctly as opposed to criticise. I really don't like critics as much as I like and respect people who get things done".

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    Commenting on the US administration's relationship with a Labour government with Corbyn in charge, if it were to come to power, D. William Norris, a political commentator and former college lecturer, said that they would never get along:

    "Corbyn and the Labour Party are hardly likely to co-operate with the USA as long as Trump is president. […] Even should Donald Trump wish to talk with a Corbyn government, it is highly unlikely that this would be reciprocated. US/UK relations would sink through the floor".

    While Trump was holding a press conference, Corbyn spoke at an anti-Trump rally in central London, calling for "dialogue to bring about the better and more peaceful world that we all want to live in", while at the same time lashing out at Trump for spreading "racism" and "hate".

    Thousands of people gathered to protest, according to some estimates around 10,000, but the figures were nowhere near the 250,000 predicted by the organisers. Trump said at the press conference that reports of big protests were "fake news":

    "I didn't see the protesters until just a little while ago and it was a very, very small group of people put in for political reasons, so it was fake news".

    Meanwhile, political analyst David Vance said that no one benefits from public displays of hate, calling them hypocrites:

    "The left wing protestors have never come to terms with the fact that Trump won in 2016 and that their candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost. This is essentially a public display of sub-Marxist petulance, pathetic snowflakes who are clueless. As we approach the 75th anniversary of D-Day, when over 6,000 US soldiers lost their lives in one day fighting for European freedom, these protestors insult their president. Really disgraceful stuff. It is telling that when the likes of Mugabe, or Abdullah, or Jinping came to visit, they stayed in the bedrooms. Gross hypocrites".

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    Trump also met with Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage on Tuesday. Farage described their meeting as "good", saying that the US president "really believes in Brexit".

    Mr Norris said that both politicians definitely see eye to eye: "Nigel Farage and Donald Trump get on well together and are doubtless in contact with each other on a regular basis". He added that Trump "has made it very clear that May messed up on Brexit, giving away all her initial advantages to Brussels. My feeling is he does not have too much respect for May on this score. He would have expected Farage to have acted very differently and followed the pathway he advised Theresa May to follow", the political commentator stated.

    Apart from Farage, Trump praised Tory leadership candidate Boris Johnson, saying that the former foreign secretary would do "a very good job" as PM.

    Mr Vance explained that the US leader believes that Johnson and Farage "could become steadfast US Allies" and that "they will lead the UK out of the EU which helps Trump achieve one of his geo-political ambitions — weakening the hated EU bloc".

    Talking about Brexit, Trump said at the press conference that it "will happen" and promised the UK a "phenomenal" trade deal after Britain leaves the European Union.
    But as political commentator D. William Norris said, he feels that the US wants the UK to leave the EU for the wrong reasons.

    "The US ambassador here has already indicated American medical companies would be interested in a privatised National Health Service (NHS). This has been quickly rebuffed. However, there is little doubt that the US would be keen to dominate in any trade with us and given less in exchange. Perhaps not to the same extent as took place in Russia during the Yeltsin years, but as near as they can get to it", Norris noted.

    Another issue that was on the agenda was the US policy towards Chinese telecoms giant Huawei. The Trump administration blacklisted the firm, saying that it poses a risk to national security, but the UK is yet to decide on whether to allow Huawei to help it develop 5G mobile phone networks across the country, because the US-UK intelligence-sharing arrangements are at stake.

    But Trump promised that the two countries would reach a deal, despite their differences over Huawei:

    "We are going to have absolutely an agreement on Huawei and everything else", Trump said. "We have an incredible intelligence relationship and we will be able to work out any differences. This is a truly great ally and partner and we will have no problem with that".

    David Vance stressed that London must change its policy towards the Chinese firm, "or the UK will be locked out of US intelligence sharing which would be catastrophic for the UK. May has made a calamitous misjudgement on this issue."

    On the final day of his state visit, Donald Trump will join the Queen and other world leaders in Portsmouth to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. After that, the Queen will bid a formal farewell to Trump.

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