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    European Parliament Elections 2019 (33)

    On 26 May, Poland will elect 52 MEPs out of the 705 that make up the EU Parliament. The latest public opinion polls suggest that the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) is still in the lead, although the European Coalition political alliance has narrowed its gap to Yaroslav Kaczynski’s party.

    The right-wing Confederation political alliance is also expected to surpass the electoral threshold, which is just a little behind the left-wing Spring Party (Wiosna).

    Small parties are also taking part in the elections, including the Polexit Party. Its founder, Stanisław Żółtek, MEP and leader of the Congress of the New Right, outlined its views about the European vote and Polexit's agenda.

    Sputnik: The main goal of your party is to facilitate Poland's exit from the European Union. What influenced you to pursue such an objective?

    Stanisław Żółtek: I will say it straight away that we are not registered as a national committee, so, probably, we won't make it to the European Parliament.

    But we will, nevertheless, take part in elections in some districts in order to see the genuine sentiment of the people and, thereby, show the EU a yellow card. We aim to enter the Polish Parliament.

    The European Parliament is a bubble that has absolutely nothing to say, and never had anything to say. MEPs exist only to get big money and influence the authorities in their country in the interests of the European Union. This is a form of bribery and a smoke screen, an appearance of European democracy, which is created by the European Parliament. Therefore, to be part of it is not a good idea.

    Who will be elected to the European Parliament doesn't matter, since there nothing to say and do there, except to receive money. The elections to the national parliament are important, since only there it is possible to take action in terms of being part of the EU or withdrawing from it.

    At the moment we are participating in European elections only as a way of studying public opinion.

    Joining the European Parliament, I was convinced that it could be changed so that it would be a union of countries, and not a sole structure that governs these countries. It turned out to be impossible.

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    Moreover, the EU ruling circles and the European Commission, frightened by Brexit, decided to introduce regulations that would not allow another country to leave the EU in the future. For nations that attempt to do this, financial leverage is used against them.

    The EU has really changed, only in the opposite direction, and I was convinced that there are no opportunities for other changes.

    Sputnik: Do you have an understanding of your electorate? Will a resident of a city or a village, say "Mr. Kowalski", who enjoys the obvious benefits from Poland's membership in the European Union, vote for leaving the bloc?

    Stanisław Żółtek: Firstly, the very phrase "enjoying obvious benefits" is wrong. In my opinion, this is absolutely not true.

    If we hadn't joined the EU, Mr. Kowalski would have enjoyed exactly the same benefits or even more. Only the majority don't know about it. And that's where the problem lies.

    Sputnik: Suppose you get a MEP mandate, but you're trying to pull Poland out of the EU. How could you reconcile these two matters?

    Stanisław Żółtek: I have already said that I will not enter the European Parliament, since we are registered the way we are registered. But let's suppose that I do get a MEP mandate.

    I do not see any contradiction in this, since after joining the European Parliament, subsequent participation in the elections to the Polish parliament will mean that I will stop being a European Parliamentarian.

    But membership in the European Parliament will give me access to information about what, in fact, is the EU, what are its plans for the future. But these are very dark and bad plans.

    Sputnik: The election results will be a good forecast of the autumn elections to the Sejm and Senate. PiS and the Civic Platform are leading the polls. Will your party need to form a coalition? Who can you form a union with to become a "third force"?

    Stanisław Żółtek: With any of the eurosceptics. I refused to join the Confederation. For me, being part of such a union doesn't make any sense. But I would be happy to join forces with the eurosceptics in the Polish parliament electoral race.

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    European Parliament Elections 2019 (33)


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