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    "If Pope Francis has time to read anything else apart from prayers and theological texts, I would suggest two books: Jean Raspail's 'The Camp of Saints' ('Il campo dei santi') and 'The Strange Death of Europe' ('La strana morte dell'Europa') by Douglas Murray".

    In his opinion piece for Sputnik Italy, Mario Sommossa, a publicist, as well as an expert on Italian and international politics, wrote:  

    "Certainly, Pope Francis can express his personal opinion. However, I consider his constant calls for welcoming those North African migrants who arrive on our shores to be wrong. I can't criticise those who arrive here from Africa because if I were in their place, I'd probably do the same. I'm criticising those who are saying that we'll welcome those migrants with open arms, as it is a huge impetus for those wanting to go to Europe".

    "What angers me is the fact that none of these very ‘kind' characters seem to wonder how many people Europe can accept, with what money Europe will pay for their stay, and what their impact on our society will be, considering our different habits, cultures, languages, traditions, and religions.

    Until recently, there was an idea that societies of the future could only be multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. Later it turned out that this was utopian and ‘the best minds' came up with the idea of ‘integration', which means that those from different cultures should become ‘one of us'. However, they didn't take into account the basic conditions that make integration possible, dictated by the laws of sociology — the desire to integrate (which is often not present); the number of migrants should be below the number of people of the host community; people must arrive proportionally in time and be properly distributed across the territory.

    You only have to take a look at the situation with real flows of migrants, as well as consider the number of people that have arrived over the last three or four years to understand that the conditions for integration are not being observed.

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    Going back to the books I would suggest to the Holy Father, it would be good to add that hypocritical politicians and journalists, as well as publishing houses, have done everything to make sure that their publication in Italy was neglected or, at best, delayed.

    Jean Raspail's book was published in France in 1973 and I read the French version of it only in the mid-eighties. I then talked about it with Mondadori, proposing purchasing the rights for its publication in Italy, but it turned out that the publishing house had already acquired those rights but was not going to publish the book. Their goal was to prevent its publication by other Italian publishers. Only in 1998 did the AR Editions manage to publish a small number of copies in Italian, so not many people had a chance to read it.

    That book is a prescient novel that tells of migrants who seize a ship and aim to arrive in Europe, while the Europeans hesitate between choosing to sink the ship or, on the contrary, to accept the migrants.

    The other book, that of Murray, is a documentary essay that analyses the numbers and impacts of migration flows towards Europe in recent years, as well as the hypocrisy of politicians and intellectuals who don't have the courage to face the reality and criticise those who are sceptical of the possibility of integrating migrants. For example, it turns out that in 2011, 44.9 percent of the residents of London called themselves ‘white British'.

    In England's Bradford, a principal who wrote about the difficulties he had running a school where 90 percent of schoolchildren were the kids of immigrants was forced to resign simply for pointing out the problem. In 2014, 27 percent of children born in Great Britain were born to migrant parents, and local demographers estimate that by 2060, the ‘white British' will be a clear minority in the country.

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    Murray continues by quoting figures concerning France, Germany, and Italy and discovers that the results don't differ much. France has the largest Muslim community in Europe and, contrary to the propagandised ‘assimilation', the migrants' refusal to be ‘integrated' is growing. The analysis shows that multiculturalism has failed, as the hypocrisy of the ‘good' is deliberately hiding the negative impact on social stability and legitimacy in Europe. The future that awaits us is the suicide of a culture, Europe, and the replacement of entire indigenous peoples with newcomers.

    Perhaps, the Holy Father should admit that welcoming anyone who wants to land on our shores without being previously authorised means admitting that our civilisation must die. I'd like someone to openly say who would benefit from that. Do those who deny the dramatic consequences of these migrant flows really want Europe's suicide, or are they just hypocritically hiding their heads in the sand?"

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of Mario Sommossa and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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