21:49 GMT09 July 2020
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    President Trump has filed a lawsuit against Deutsche Bank and Capital One over subpoenas from Democrat-led committees in Congress about their links to the family business. His children - Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka - and the Trump Organisation joined the lawsuit, which stated that there's no lawful purpose for investigating his business affairs.

    Earlier this month, the House Intelligence and Financial Services Committees issued subpoenas to Deutsche Bank and several other financial institutions. The German lender has been involved with the Trump Organisation for the past decade and had, according to various reports, including one by the New York Times, loaned Trump $2 billion years before he became president.

    The chair of the Financial Services Committee, Maxine Waters, stated in April that the committee is exploring the potential use of the US financial system for illicit purposes that may involve the president and his associates.

    Mitchell Feierstein, a hedge-fund manager and CEO of the Glacier Environmental Fund Limited, told Sputnik that Waters has been seeking ways to impeach Trump since the moment he was elected:

    "Maxine Waters is an advocate of mob rue and has called for 'the resistance' to seek out Trump administration officials and harass them. Waters stated, 'whenever they dare to show their face in public, whether that be at a department store, a gas station, or a restaurant, gather a mob and harass them.' In my world, members of Congress should not be condoning harassment, period."

    James Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer and Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota, said that the Democrats want to undermine Trump and his administration, especially after the failed Mueller investigation:

    "The Democrat Party suffered a massive political hit with the exoneration of the President from allegations of collusion between Russia and his campaign, which have proven to be baseless. But after two plus years of non-stop propaganda promising that the Mueller investigation would lead to his indictment and removal from office, many who became true-believers in the fictional narrative are distraught and the party is desperately attempting to recover. Making new allegations of alleged financial improprieties appears to be an effort to regain control of the political narrative and to create a new basis for further attacks upon the candidate who beat Hillary Clinton," the professor explained.

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    Feierstein, in his turn, said that the Democrats would stop at nothing to "Dump Trump", while the heads of the FBI, CIA, NSA and members of the Department of Justice aim to illegally remove Trump from office.

    "The only crime Trump has committed is running for president without permission and winning. As a result, Washington, which is a completely polarised and corrupt swamp, has become totally dysfunctional, as many Democratic Members of Congress and RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) have become infected by Trump Derangement Syndrome," the expert stressed.

    But why is Trump is undertaking such counteroffensive measures against the move now? Feierstein is certain that the US leader needs to defend himself:

    "President Trump is more than justified in defending his legal rights by litigating to quash these unreasonable subpoenas, which were issued to Deutsche Bank, Capital One, and Mazars in an effort to obtain ten years' worth of financial information from Trump, his family, and his corporation. Let's be clear: congressional oversight does not grant the right to conduct "fishing expeditions" — this is over-the-line harassment, plain and simple."

    While James Fetzer argued that while there could be substance to these allegations of improper dealings with Deutsche Bank and Capital One, "any reasonable observer has to suspect this is another left-wing attempt to undermine an administration that has been extremely successful by economic and other measures, including two new Justices on the Supreme Court. He's determined to fight it."

    Deutsche Bank has already said that they remain "committed to providing appropriate information to all authorised investigations and will abide by a court order regarding such investigations" and according to Fetzer has the right to do so:

    "The law provides processes and procedures for obtaining documents and records from financial institutions with the approval of duly constituted authorities, in particular, on the basis of subpoenas approved by the appropriate courts. That, no doubt, will take place here because the target of investigation has such a prominent position as the President of the United States. It is difficult to ignore the fact that equally prominent figures in the Democrat Party have not been subjected to high-profile scrutiny, especially Hillary Clinton, who ran a pay-to-play operation on behalf of the Clinton Foundation as Secretary of State, which Wayne Madsen and others have documented."

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    Feierstein stressed that Congress must focus on the American people and improving their lives instead of trying to impeach Trump:

    "Democrats just spend all their energy on trying to bring down Trump and serve the whims of their wealthy donors, diverting from real issues. We have a broken Congress hell-bent on impeaching Trump that will stop at nothing until their coup d'état is successfully executed and Trump is gone, so the military industrial complex's permanent wars, regime-change machinery, and status-quo corruption may continue," the hedge-fund manager concluded.

    Professor Emeritus Fetzer said that's it's just a desperate move by the Democrats, who don't know how to get rid of Trump and not lose another election:

    "This latest move, therefore, has to be understood in the context of a Democrat Party that has lost its way and is grasping after straws to make a case against a man who turns out to be a better politician than anyone expected," Fetzer summed up.

    The views expressed in this article are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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