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    White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon departs after a meeting about the American Health Care Act on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., U.S. (File)

    Bannon ‘Can Enrich’ Right-Wing Parties to Create ‘Europe of the Fatherlands’

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    Der Spiegel has reported that Germany's AfD party has invited US President Donald Trump's former strategist Steve Bannon to a media conference in Berlin.

    Steve Bannon has been offering advisory support to a number of European populist groups prior to the European elections. Sputnik discussed this with Christian Weiland, AFD supporter, security officer for the AFD, former AfD member in Bad Kreuznach.

    Sputnik: In your view, why did the AfD decide to invite Steve Bannon right before the EU elections?

    That the AfD has inviting Mr. Bannon testifies of vision. Steve Bannon, being an adviser to then- presidential candidate Donald Trump and chief strategist at the White House until 2017, has shown that he has a lot of political experience. The AfD can only benefit from an intelligent man like Mr. Bannon. I believe he has valuable advice for the AfD and can enrich with this, as well as [help with] the European elections campaign.

    Sputnik:  How does the party benefit from this meeting?

    It is a [boon] that a man with his experience is available for conversation with the AfD. This also [puts] the AfD in the headlines, which is most certainly beneficial for the election campaign. Unfortunately, [many try] too often to imply radical tendencies within the party. I absolutely have not seen [these in] my experience. The AfD is open to anyone and willing to talk, too.

    Sputnik: Bannon has been enjoying some support from right-wing parties in the EU. What are the main reasons behind that?

    Trump always says: ‘America first!’ With this statement, as President of the United States, of course, he is absolutely right. It is and should only be natural that a president first and foremost puts his people and country first. His campaign, under the slogan America first, was supported and directed by Bannon. With this statement, he is close to the AfD and the other conservative parties. Like the AfD, all "right" parties are for a free and sovereign fatherland. It is therefore obvious that Mr. Bannon enjoys a great viewpoint.

    Sputnik:  According to recent polls, many right-wing parties in the bloc are expected to gain seats in the upcoming elections. Why do you think that is?

    I think that in the polls, the "right" parties are doing well because the EU needs urgent reform. It is an absurdity that the Commissioners decide in Brussels and dictate to the nation-states what they have to do. Also, the border security does not work. Borders are best protected by sovereign nation states. Poland and Hungary, for example, show it. We are in favour of a Europe of the Fatherlands, which are connected in friendship.

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    This is the goal of all "right" parties. A new Europe can emerge in which the peoples are again in the centre. The AfD, the FPÖ, Fidez, Lega and others have good ideas and will bring Europe to the front. Also, all sanctions against Russia [must be] directly abolished, Russia is not an enemy! It is in our greatest interest to have a real friendship as well as economic relations with Russia. God save Europe, God save our holy Germany.

    The views and opinions expressed by the speaker do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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