16:58 GMT02 December 2020
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    Rodney Atkinson, founder of the website freenations.net, one of Britain's most successful political economists and a former adviser to UK cabinet ministers, has commented on reports that UK Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a no-confidence vote over her “spectacular failure to deliver” Brexit.

    The BBC reported on Monday that Conservative grassroots campaigners have called for an extraordinary general meeting to discuss Prime Minister's handling of Brexit.

    Sputnik: According to reports, a Cabinet reshuffle is now impossible. In your view, who could the PM have sacked and replaced? 

    Rodney Atkinson: Given her own views about remaining in the European Union (but pretending she is leaving), it is likely that her re-shuffle would sack Leaver members of the government and promote Remainers. She would promote those former Leavers who will now accept her withdrawal agreement, which is a Remain surrender document.

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    Sputnik: With the reshuffle now out of the picture, how likely is it that Theresa May can gather support for a Brexit deal within her party?

    Rodney Atkinson: Very little support for her “deal”. Because it is really a no deal and binds us at great financial and political cost to the EU, which the British people clearly said they wanted to leave. Despite the weakness of many Leave supporters who think we can accept the May deal, sign a treaty based on it and then negotiate away its terms, more and more MPs know that this is impossible. History, the politics of the EU and international treaty law mean the UK would be trapped and powerless.

    Sputnik: The head of the governing committee of the Conservative Party of Great Britain, Graham Brady, said that the prime minister should resign by the end of June. How likely is it that the PM will leave her post? 

    Rodney Atkinson: She will not leave voluntarily. She thinks she has parked Britain in the EU forever and she thinks she has fooled us by calling it Leave. She pretends she is a Conservative. None of these things are true and 75% of her party want her to go. They will have to force her to go by voting her out.

    Sputnik: There has also been talk about changing party rules to revoke May's immunity after she survived a vote of no confidence. Can these laws be applied under the current circumstances? 

    Rodney Atkinson: The Conservative 1922 Committee is in charge of the rules and they can change them so she can be voted out. For the sake of their party they must do that. 70% of her MPs want her to go. The Conservative Party will be wiped out in the European Parliament elections if they take place and suffer big losses in the local elections in May.

    Sputnik: Recent polls have indicated a decline in the Conservative Party's popularity. In your opinion,  how can calls for Theresa May's resignation from within the party further impact the party's image? 

    Rodney Atkinson: Her resignation can only give the party a chance. She was never a Conservative. She was a professional politician whose whole Cabinet career has been a political disaster. Her time as Prime Minister has overturned historical procedures in parliament and normal cabinet collective responsibility. She has repeatedly lied to her MPs, her ministers and the country and she effectively abolished the Department for Exiting the European Union. She conspired with Angela Merkel and her civil servants to deceive her country and her party.

    The name Conservative is now so toxic that there is a chance that no party in that name could win any election unless there is a complete internal party revolution. The party has benefited because the far left Labour Party is so extreme, but Mrs. May has lowered her party so far that both major parties now reflect the people’s rejection of the whole political class.

    The views and opinions expressed by the speaker do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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