10:28 GMT14 June 2021
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    Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban’s Fidesz Party faces expulsion from the European People’s Party, the largest bloc in the European Union parliament. The bloc also includes Germany’s Christian Democrats and the Christian Social Union. Sputnik talked about it with Vávra Suk, editor-in-chief of the Swedish Nya Tider newspaper.

    Sputnik: Let's just discuss this in a little bit more detail. In your view, how likely is Viktor Orban's Fidesz party to be kicked out of the European People's Party bloc? And how wide is support for this move? And why, I mean obviously it is very contagious: Victor Orban's attitude in the relationship with the EU, and now obviously it is spreading to this particular party. What can you add to bring us up to date?

    Vávra Suk: Well, I think the expulsion is almost certain. There is a huge difference in the ideology between those parties. While Fidesz is for real conservatives and Christian Democrats, the rest of the parties are not. I mean they are liberal, they are globalist. And it is here that the main division of policies lies today — globalist, counter nationalist — and it is obvious that they cannot be in the same group, at least to me. Just look at the constitution Hungary adopted in 2011 under Fidesz, it is very provocative to the European Union liberals, and it seems it clashes head-on with their views on agenda.

    And remember, Jean-Claude Juncker, the strongman of the European Union, is in this EPP group, it is their candidate and he has been driving those so-called "core values" of the European Constitution, of the European Union. When Hungary talks, in their constitution the headline is "God save the Hungarian nation" and already there you have two, I mean blasphemy against European Union "core values", twice because it talks about God, the Christian God, so it is not inclusive and it talks about nation, the very entity the European Union wants to eradicate. So it is a head-on clash of ideologies that we now see in this group.

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    Sputnik: Well, it is all very contentious, the relationship and the complexities of the ongoing, unravelling of the relationship between Hungary and the European Union. And you can understand and very clearly on the face of it the contrasting ideology. I mean if Viktor Orban, is there any likelihood of him agreeing to the conditions put forward by the EPP? I mean it just sounds as though it is absolutely not going to happen from my point of view anyway.

    Vávra Suk: No, no way. I agree. No way because I mean should he apologise I think they should thank him because he stopped the immigration flow at the border so now the CDU of Germany, for example, and others can continue to talk about human rights and so on without actually being forced to take care of the problem. I mean let me just mention two more things about the liberals' hate and about what Hungary is introducing. For example, they don't like that Hungary wants media to report balanced and objectively, and they hate that the Central Bank of Hungary should be controlled by the people through the parliament.

    I mean here we have the nationalist view that the nation should be controlled by their own people clashing with the idea of federalist Europe that should be centralised, ruled effectively by Jean-Claude Juncker. So, now we can see the confrontation really coming up to the front. I think it is important to see the driving forces behind those agendas of the European Union and that is what Orban is pointing at with those posters, those banners of Jean-Claude Juncker and George Soros. Because those ideas are driving immigration, those are behind the banking system, how to establish media works and so on and who benefits. And it is important to show that I think. And when Orban does this, the European Union, Jean-Claude Juncker doesn't like it because it exposes the driving forces behind their actions.

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    Sputnik: Well, you have absolutely articulated the current up-to-date situation, the contrast in ideologies in this vehement approach that Victor Orban has in terms of challenging the status quo of the European Union, especially with regard to immigration. It is such a strong, robust attitude against any type of immigration surrounding Hungarian policy. I mean it is just adding fuel to the fire in terms of this creaking European Union although we have and there are so many different agendas going on.

    Vávra Suk: It is not only immigration. The immigration thing is what you really point at. But I mean the banking system, the way the media works — it is equally important since it really forms the environment and there the immigration comes in because it is a part of a globalist agenda.

    The views expressed in this article are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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