23:21 GMT10 April 2021
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    With the Brexit deadline day coming up at the end of March, the UK seems utterly unprepared to depart the EU, thanks in no small part to the incompetence of the political elite. Project fear is well and truly in full swing, and now Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has begged parliament to consider other options to avoid leaving the bloc without a deal.

    Sputnik spoke with Donald MacKay, UKIP’s leader in Scotland, to discuss the handling of Brexit by Prime Minister Theresa May.

    Sputnik: Do you think that the UK will leave the EU this month?  Would extending Article Fifty be a disaster?

    Donald MacKay: If I was making a prediction; I do not think we will leave the EU this month and if we do leave, leave will be inverted commas; it won’t be a proper departure.

    Would Article Fifty be a disaster? It will be a delaying tactic on the part of those who want to make sure that we don’t leave at all.

    Sputnik: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that other alternatives to no deal or the Prime Minister proposals should be considered; is this the case or should the UK just leave under WTO rules?

    Donald MacKay: This is being presented as if it’s some kind of catastrophe by people who are mainly but not exclusively on the left of the political spectrum.

    We are a trading nation; perfectly capable of trading with other nations, I’m sure they are more than willing to trade with us and no deal is no problem.

    I’m still waiting to hear exactly beyond the scare stories which are we’ll all starve to death, or have no medicines in our pharmacies or so on; all of which is complete nonsense, we leave.

    We should have done this right at the beginning, we repeal the 1972 European Communities Act, and that’s it, and then we go about our business the way we’ve always gone about our business. 

    Somehow or other we managed to stagger along until 1973 without any common market of any kind, but apparently nowadays or so we are told; we are utterly incapable of making our own way in the world, and I don’t believe that.

    We should repeal the 1972 European Communities Act and leave; no deal is the proper exit that we voted for.

    Sputnik: Would the UK be in this situation with a different leader?

    Donald MacKay: Theresa May does not wish to leave the EU, and I think that there are people in the cabinet who do not wish to leave the EU, that’s why they have put us into a situation that we don’t need to be in.

    She could have picked up the phone at any time to the leader of my own party Mr Batten; who would have talked her through exactly how to do this proper departure, and we’d have left long before now.

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    If I wanted to make sure something doesn’t happen, I would make sure that I was trying to make it look like I was doing something, while equally making sure that it didn’t actually happen, lots of activity without any actual achievement.

    What we’ve got is a Prime Minister who’s not achieving what she appears to want to achieve, which makes me think that there’s either incompetence there, or there’s just a certain subterfuge.

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